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  1. Florida
    1. St. Petersburg Mayor
    2. St. Petersburg Council Member District 1
    3. St. Petersburg Council Member District 2
    4. St. Petersburg Council Member District 4
    5. St. Petersburg Council Member District 6
    6. St. Petersburg Council Member District 8
    7. St. Petersburg No.1 Charter Amendment - Limiting City Council elections to voters in the applicable Council District and making related changes
    8. St. Petersburg No. 2 Charter Amendment - Establishing new process for drawing district boundaries for election of City Council Members
    9. St. Petersburg No. 3 Charter Amendment - Establishing an equity framework and Chief Equity Officer for City government
    10. St. Petersburg No. 4 Charter Amendment -Establishing a requirement for Charter-protected equity funding
    11. St. Petersburg No. 5 Charter Amendment - Establishing new requirements related to City Administrator, City Clerk, and City Council Administrative Officer
    12. St. Petersburg No 6 Charter Amendment - Changing the City’s Charter-review process to avoid conflict with redistricting and make other improvements
    13. St. Petersburg No. 7 Charter Amendment - Adding a preamble to describe the spirit of the Charter and the City’s governing philosophy
    14. St. Petersburg Referendum Question - Providing City Council with the Authority to Grant Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions
    15. Homestead Mayor
    16. Florida Congressional District 20 - Democratic Party Primary
    17. Florida Congressional District 20 - Republican Party Primary
    18. Miami Beach Mayor
    19. Miami Beach Commission Group I
    20. Miami Beach Commission Group III
    21. Hialeah Mayor
    22. Hialeah Council Member Group VI
    23. Hialeah Council Member Group VII
    24. Miami Mayor
    25. Miami Commission District 3
    26. Miami Commission District 5
    27. Jacksonville 2021 Special Unitary Election
    28. City of Venice Council Seat 3
    29. City of Venice Council Seat 4
    30. Ocala City Council, District 3
    31. Ocala City Council, District 4