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  • David Alvey

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    Tyrone Garner

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How would you create a more welcoming atmosphere for community members at commission meetings? And, how would you work with the community to be more informed and involved?

The UG charter states the mayor is responsible for hiring and firing the County Administrator (with approval by the commission). How much oversight and evaluation should the Mayor provide of the work of the County Administrator?

Do you support passage of the Safe and Welcoming ordinance? Why or why not?

In your opinion, is public safety adequately funded, underfunded, or overfunded in Wyandotte County, in relation to the entire budget?

What is your assessment of the availability and affordability of housing in Wyandotte County? This applies to both homeownership and rental housing.

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Professionalism, respect, will seek to understand, and promote a harmonious environment through servant leadership.

Town halls, listening tours, Mayor Mondays to allow residents access to the Mayor, make as many community meetings as possible.
The Mayor should provide engaged leadership that will trust but verify proposals and initiatives. The Mayor should build a professional rapport with the goal of keeping the elected body and resident informed on Administrator activities. The Mayor should demand excellence, equity in the delivery of goods and services, proposals that will always be of value to residents, and be willing to facilitate accountability.
Absolutely, Yes!! All residents deserve to have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This initiative will add value to the economy, safety, and the right to human dignity.
It is adequately funded.
The availability of Housing that is affordable is lacking. We need to broaden senior, affordable housing, as well as residential rooftops.