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    Andrew Davis

  • Jane W. Philbrook

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What proactive measures would you propose to address discrimination or sexual abuse issues before an employee files a lawsuit?

Do you support passage of the Safe and Welcoming ordinance? Why or why not?

In your opinion, is public safety adequately funded, underfunded, or overfunded in Wyandotte County, in relation to the entire budget?

If elected, how will you keep the constituents of your district informed of your positions and votes on issues that come before the UG Commission?

What is your assessment of the availability and affordability of housing in Wyandotte County? This applies to both homeownership and rental housing.

Personal Biography Andrew is a 25-year-old graduate student at the University of Kansas studying Public Administration in the nation’s number one school for local government. As a Chicago native, Andrew is excited to bring fresh ideas and experiences from various places to better Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. While Andrew was not raised in the Dotte, his wife (a Sumner Academy graduate), family, and friends are all born and raised Dottonians.
Campaign Address 720 N 75th Terrace
Campaign Phone (913) 286-4490
Campaign Web Site
Education M.A. Public Administration (in progress at KU) B.A. Political Science (KU '18) B.A. Religious Studies (KU '18) Minor African/African American Studies (KU' 18)
Community/Public Service 2021 Spring Semester Mentor at the Learning Club Judge of the 2nd Annual Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Community Clean Ups in the 8th District
I would propose training on two fronts: 1.) Defining discrimination and sexual abuse in all forms so employees are without excuse and Training that turns employees and community members into advocates of change that is anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic and anti-bigotry in all of its forms.

The other proactive measure I would propose is a resolution that would condemn discrimination and sexual abuse in all forms. I would invite community partners such as non-profits, activists, religious leaders, community subject experts and other community members to collaborate on such statements to ensure it addresses ALL of these important issues.

Lastly, I think we need commissions to study and educate the bigotries in our community. Wyandotte County is in desperate need to learn our history of bigotry so that we can prevent such actions from happening again. A commission could bring education, healing and awareness to these important issues and conversations.

1.) No one in the Dotte should fear deportation because their local law enforcement. Exceptions can apply based on the situation but overall I am in support.

2.) Our immigrant communities are organically revitalizing our communities by renovating homes and starting businesses. Those homes and businesses add to our tax base with no abatements.

3.) This ordinance not only helps our immigrant communities without identification but those who are formerly incarcerated and those who are houseless.

4.) KCK has a taco trail which comes from the very communities that would benefit from this ordinance. We cannot profit off of the culture of people yet not honor their humanity by providing these policy changes.

Before I answer this question, I'd like to preface that my definition of public safety is holistic in that it not only involves law enforcement and fire but also public works, planning, parks and recreation and economic development. In other words, our entire city staff makes our city safe not just those that fall under the "public safety" category in the budget.

I believe that we spend too much money on public safety while other departments like Parks & Rec and Public Works suffer. This has led to our infrastructure (which I believe is public safety) and community belonging to suffer. We need to have an honest conversation on where the money goes and why. I am do not believe in defunding any department but I am for reallocation if the shift in resources will benefit the entire community.

I also believe that we ask too much of our officers and that we can invest in non-lethal positions that keep our community safe (social workers, counselors, therapists, mental health advocates).
I plan on holding town hall meetings on a regular basis in the 8th district to keep in contact with members of the community. I also plan to use my social media page to inform my constituents about the important work we do at the commission. I will also post the YouTube meetings on my Facebook page as often as I can to keep my constituents informed.

In addition, I will attend events and explore other options for small group/one on one options for community connections.
Affordable housing is a massive issue not only in Wyco but nation-wide. I think we need to invest in grant administrators and build better relations with HUD and other outside funding agencies to come up with better solutions for housing in the Dotte.

I think we also need to leverage the numerous vacant city-owned properties and incentivize developers to make them affordable. I also believe we need to leverage state and federal relationships to help mom and pop property owners who rent. They have also been hit by the pandemic and I’d hate to see both renters and local property owners lose in this economic environment.
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