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USD 259 Wichita District 5 BOE

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    Mia Turner

Biographical Information

What is your experience with the school district? Why do you want to serve this district at this time?

What roll do you think that schools in your district have in addressing the mental health of students and teachers?

What can your school district do to increase civic involvement of students? Where is civic involvement in your priority list for school activities?

What is the most important issue facing the District in the next 4 years?

What is your view about state funding going to support tuition to non-Public schools?

Should the school district re-examine the public busing being offered to public schools?

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Personal Biography I am a Chicago Heights, IL native. I moved to Wichita in July 1997 with the hopes of raising my children in a slower-paced environment. I fell in love with Wichita. I was raising 3 children when my best friend suddenly passed away in 2004. I was honored to raise her twins, who I now call my own. I also helped to care for a nephew. I am an active member of my church. I enjoy reading, music, a good laugh, and serving others.
Campaign Phone (316) 806-3665
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Education Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Master's in Business Management
Community/Public Service I often serve my community through my church, New Hope Missionary Baptist on 10th & Ohio in Wichita.
All of my children attended Wichita Public Schools. My oldest daughter and youngest son were active in extra-curricular activities such as Orchestra, Football, and Wrestling. I was fully invested not only in their academic lives, but their personal interests. I participated in their fundraisers, performances, games, and meets. I saw firsthand how important it was for everyone to be actively involved with WPS. Now that all of my children are adults, I felt I had even more time to give back to the District.
I believe that because children spend a bulk of their time in schools, teachers, and staff have an opportunity to recognize mental health issues and assist in offering resources that are available to students. It's important for staff to know what is available for their students so they may be as helpful as they can.
The school district must be sure to make connections and establish relationships with local businesses throughout the City. The schools, the students, and local businesses benefit when a child feels acknowledged, invested in, and welcomed. The schools create partnerships, businesses get to invest in potential future employees while teaching needed skills, and the child learns the importance of community involvement with on-the-job training.

Civic involvement is a high priority to me because it falls in line with serving others.
The most important issue facing the District in the next 4 years is making sure our children are offered the highest quality education. This includes assuring that they do not just have the classes or the technology, but also the comprehension and interest. We want to help in the full development of WPS students while navigating through our "new normal".
I don't think state funding should go to support tuition to non-Public schools because that will reduce the funding needed for Public Schools.
I think that public busing should be as helpful to getting our kids to school as possible, so if improvement is needed then I am all for re-examining it.