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    Brandon J. Johnson

Biographical Information

What do you believe are the three critical projects or initiatives that will move your city/district forward?

How do you plan on continuing movement made in ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in City operations and projects?

What is your position on privatization of government services?

How can transparency of city issues be guaranteed to the public?

What roll should the city have in public health, affordable housing, homelessness, food insecurity in our communities?

How should our tax dollars, state and federal dollars be allocated in regard to public transportation?

How can the city address our environmental issues?

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

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Personal Biography Brandon Johnson was elected to serve as Wichita's District 1 Council Member in 2017. Since taking office, he has worked tirelessly to advocate for community members while seeking economical progress for the city's northeast neighborhoods. Johnson, a Wichita native, grew up in the area he now represents. The Northeast High School graduate became involved in community work as a young leader and his passion for bettering the community around him never faded.
Campaign Phone (316) 768-7890
Education Some College: - Studied Business Administration at Friends University - Studied Sociology at Wichita State University - Current student at Wichita State University in the College of Applied Learning
Community/Public Service Executive Director - Community Operations Recovery Empowerment, Inc Board Member - Downtown Wichita Board Member - Exploration Place Board Chair - Kansas Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department – We need to continue our efforts to provide more resources to MABCD in order to further help improve our neighborhoods and deal with blight and illegal dumping.

Affordable Housing Opportunities – We need to continue to focus on quality affordable housing opportunities not only as a means to build community and fill in empty lots but also to provide stable affordable housing opportunities to those seeking to build a strong foundation for themselves and their children.

Quality of Life – When we invest in neighborhood parks, quality programming, fun opportunities for youth, quality aquatics facilities, a revitalized riverfront, and ensure neighborhoods are places we want to hurry home to after work; then we are truly taking care of the citizens we serve and building a stronger foundation for overall retention of our citizens.
I am committed to continuing my efforts to seek equity and inclusion in the heart of what we do as a City Government. I will continue to push for us to surpass the aspirational goal of 7% minority and women owned participation in doing business with the city. I will continue to work with our City Manager and Department Directors on innovative ways to promote our employment opportunities to diverse communities within our city.

I have been able to successfully assist with three efforts that should help this quite a bit. The City of Wichita is working with the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce on supplier diversity efforts, we have contracted with Qwally who is helping Mobile, AL and KCMO reach greater minority and women owned participation in city contracting, and lastly we are reaching out to businesses/firms directly to let them know about opportunities connecting to resources to help them scale up.
Privatizing government services should be done only in certain circumstances where the public benefit can be realized over a simple urge to not want to do it any longer. When the public benefit can be realized, Government can then put certain parameters on it to ensure the greatest affordable public participation or greatest benefit. This should only occur sparingly and in unique situations.
Transparency of issues comes in multiple forms and the issue in the majority of cases is that we have not done a good enough job of making sure the public knows where to look and when. For example, when I pushed to make sure every District Advisory Board Meeting and Breakfast was livestreamed, it allowed citizens who might otherwise not be in attendance actually see what was discussed at a later time. Many of the more controversial issues over the years were discussed in those meetings but not promoted well enough.

We can continue to find innovative ways to ensure that the public knows what is going on, reach them where they are at, and ensure in-depth explanations are given not only by the elected body but also our city staff.
The city should have a collaborative roll in public health, affordable housing, homelessness, and food insecurity. These are issues that transcend levels of government and both public and private sector. Working together in a collaborative way is the only way to make a significant and meaningful impact toward progress.

The city has been a great partner to Community Housing Development Organizations, Sedgwick County, and working with many in the private sector on these very issues.
In regard to Transit all of our tax dollars should be allocated in a way that serves the greatest need for the community. Currently, Wichita Transit is working on developing plans to build a foundation for intentional expansion of transit services in way that can service our community in an efficient and sustainable way.

This is an area that, if done right, can lessen the burden to have a personal vehicle and reduce transit travel times and offer ease of access to our ridership.
The City of Wichita does have a role to play in helping save our environment. The City has, and should continue, to make sure new infrastructure investments are environmentally friendly. The new multimodal facility will include charging stations for electric vehicles, the city can lead the way in ensuring all public facilities are energy efficient to lead by example. The City of Wichita is also working to dispose of diesel transit vehicles and pursuing all electric vehicles. More than half of the power the City uses comes from renewable energy as part of our agreement with Evergy.

The should continue down this path and continue to let this information be known in hopes that more of the private sector follows the lead and makes Wichita a more environmentally friendly city.
I am the best candidate for this position because I have the heart and experience to do this job well and effectively represent every area in District 1. Over the last three and a half years I have worked hard to bring the voice of the people to city hall, make thoughtful decisions, and hear every side of an issue. As our economy recovers and we build for the future we need to have people-centered solution-focused approaches, and I have been doing that since day 1 on the job.

A few of our accomplishments over the last few years include: Approved a plan to fully renovate our public housing; Improved neighborhood roads and invested millions more in road improvements; Worked to continually improve and reform our police department; Created scholarship opportunities for citizens in 67214 with WSU Tech; Saved, Renovated, and renamed McAdams Pool! Now known as Charles McAfee Pool; Inclusively appointed more young, diverse, and talented professionals to citizen advisory boards.