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DuPage Township Clerk

Vote for 1Illinois townships are required by law to perform three functions:General Assistance – Offer food, shelter or emergency relief for people in need until they become self-supporting or qualify for other forms of assistance.Property Assessment – The Township Assessor sets property values for all properties within the township.Road and Bridge Maintenance – Townships collectively maintain approximately 71,000 miles of Illinois roads. This represents more than half of the road miles in the state.The eight-member DuPage Township Board includes Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor, Collector, and four (4) Trustees to govern township operations.DuPage Township has two cemeteries under its administration. One is Alexander Cemetery in Romeoville, Illinois. The second is Boardman's Cemetery, located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.In Illinois, Township government was launched in 1849, after the Illinois Constitution of 1848 allowed voters in each county to choose to establish township governments or a county commission form of government without township units. Today, 85 of the 102 counties in Illinois operate under the township form of government. There are currently 1,433 townships in the state serving more than eight million residents.Townships are individual geographic areas that are separate from cities and counties. For example, a large city may contain several townships while one township may encompass several small towns. Township government operates at local levels and was designed to serve the basic needs of the community. It is the form of government that operates in close proximity to the people it serves. In many rural areas, townships are the only unit of government available to provide social services and road maintenance. More information: DuPage Township

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  • Deborah Williams

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    Barbara Ann Parker

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Please describe the educational background, work experience, and other skills which uniquely qualify you for this position.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the Clerk’s office right now and how would you propose to address them?

What opportunities would you propose to reduce costs in the Clerk’s office while maintaining or improving needed services for the community?

What programs and policies would you propose, if any, to increase the transparency and accountability of the Clerk’s office?

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Over 40 years experience in working with or being on various boards. Responsible for recording minutes, preparing agendas and setting up all types of meetings. Became an associate member of the Township Officials of Illinois last year - Clerks Division and attended seminars. Active in my community.
Having a clerk that knows what duties you are responsible for and how to complete them. I have attended clerk training sessions and purchased the clerk’s handbook. I will attend additional training sessions.
Knowing what my duties are would prevent possible lawsuits. Making sure that all notices are properly sent out and posted on the website. Be available to the residents of the township to answer any questions.
In addition to performing my duties, I will work with all positions to ensure that we meet all deadlines including posting notices of meetings and documents.