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Nez Perce County Assessor

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    Daniel J. Anderson

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1. What are the most important challenges facing your county and how do you propose to address them?

2. What specific qualifications do you have to effectively address these challenges?

3. How will you continue to be engaged with your constituents?

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1. There are seven independent elected offices within the framework of county government, each having distinct responsibilities. However, cooperation between each office is essential for a smooth running and efficient county government that strives to ultimately serve the public. As an example, Nez Perce County wishes to build a new court house that is more customer and employee friendly and useable. Input from the public and employees was sought in developing plans to begin construction. Each elected official must be ready to answer questions from the public to assure that the plan will be executed as proposed.
2. I believe I possess effective communication skills and a willingness to cooperate with the public and fellow elected officials. I will always make myself available to anyone who wishes to speak to me and discuss concerns.
3. The first and most obvious answer is social media. Although I personally do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, I strive to keep the information current on the Nez Perce County website, which covers my statutory responsibilities in the areas of appraisal of property and auto license. Also, I am always available to speak to citizens individually, at meetings or even neighborhood gatherings.