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Public Service Commission District 3

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) is a regulatory agency created by the Louisiana constitution committed to assuring safe, reliable, and reasonably priced access to public utilities and common carriers. The PSC has regulatory authority over investor-owned public utilities covering electric, water, wastewater, natural gas, as well as telecommunication services. Each of the five elected commissioners serves overlapping six-year terms and serves an important role in establishing legislation regarding public utilities in the state.

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    Lambert C. Boissiere III

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    Davante Lewis

Biographical Information

What experience do you bring to the office to be an effective Public Service Commissioner?

What goals do you want to accomplish as a Public Service Commissioner?

How will you meet the needs of utility companies and consumers in the regulatory process, particularly groups of consumers who may be disproportionately impacted by higher utility rates?

What priority will you give renewable energy resources, such as energy efficiency programs, solar and wind installations, and net metering in the mix of energy supply for customers? Do you plan to promote renewable energy resources for residential or commercial use?

Given the ways in which working from home and virtual classrooms have become normalized in the COVID pandemic in ways that may continue and with recent federal grants toward improving broadband, in what ways would you expedite efficient, high-speed access to the internet for all Louisiana residents, regardless of geographic location or neighborhood demographics?

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Campaign Mailing Address 1004 18th St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Campaign Phone 337-377-5110
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Campaign Twitter Handle @davantelewis
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In my work for the Louisiana Budget Project, I’ve developed expertise in public policy and advocacy that our district needs to stand against corporate interests and rebuild our utility system to work for working people, not just Entergy’s shareholders. I have a history of standing up and bringing accountability to powerful politicians, payday lenders, and powerful entities that do not center people. I have fought and am currently suing the state for the illegal and racist redistricting maps adopted earlier this year. My experiences as a Board Member of the University of Louisiana System, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, and the Friends of the Capital Park Museum

I will fight for new ethics rules to break the grip of corporate donors and push the Commission to begin serving the people of Louisiana instead. As a Public Service Commissioner, I will ensure that the PSC takes a leading role in meeting the Louisiana Climate Action Plan's goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2035.The PSC must be aggressive in ensuring that all utility infrastructure can withstand our intensifying weather and larger, more powerful storms that scientists have warned us to expect more often.
I will work to enforce a Ratepayers’ Bill of Rights to limit service disconnections, provide a fixed billing system for senior citizens, ban excessive late fees and strengthen the cap on the maximum profit that investor owned utilities companies can extract from their customers. I will put the needs of people, both in my district and across the State of Louisiana, first. There is no excuse for utilities like Entergy to be making record profits while failing to keep the power on for residents across the state. There is no excuse for utilities to tell residents, after years of hardening fee increases, that their infrastructure can’t withstand even moderately strong hurricanes.
I will push for utilities to speed up adoption of clean, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind and promote adoption of rooftop solar and home batteries across the state. These technologies will reduce pollution, improve public health, and cut costs for ratepayers. Embracing renewable energy - particularly solar and wind - would not only help to combat further climate change, but would also bring down costs for ratepayers and reduce pollution in our air and water. Incentivizing these energy sources would give Louisiana the opportunity to create a New Energy Economy, with high-paying, union jobs. As such, the PSC should be taking steps towards adopting a statewide renewable portfolio standard for all Louisiana utilities.
We must expand accessibility of broadband in our communities. While, many have focused on rural broadband we have to ensure that the inner cities also have reliable access. This means increasing competition among providers. It is fully utilizing federal grant money to provide resources to communities.