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Washington U.S. House District 8

The Constitution assigns the Senate and House equal responsibility for declaring war, maintaining the armed forces, assessing taxes, borrowing money, minting currency, regulating commerce, and making all laws necessary for the operation of the government.  There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, each representing approximately 700,000 people. Washington state has 10 Congressional districts.

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    Matt Larkin

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    Kim Schrier

Biographical Information

What do you consider your areas of expertise and on which committees would you like to serve?

How should the United States participate in the global economy?

What specific ideas do you have to facilitate the ability of the major parties to discuss and compromise for the good of the nation?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, what policies would you support to improve health care coverage for all Americans?

How would you strengthen the national economy, improve job growth and reduce income disparities?

What needs to be done regarding the future of immigrant children in detention or foster homes?

What would you try to do in Congress to bring earthquake readiness up to date in Washington, Oregon and N. California?

Party Preference Republican
Phone (206) 734-8460
Experience (Max 500 characters) Double major from Westmont College, law degree at Gonzaga University, a Master’s of Law Degree (LLM), from George Washington University School of Law. Associate Director of Presidential Speechwriting in the White House. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Pierce County. Business owner of family's 3rd generation manufacturing company.
Campaign Phone 253-286-8356
Campaign Email
Town where you live Woodinville WA
Campaign Twitter Handle
I am an experienced lawyer and the owner of a 600 employee, 3rd generation family business. I understand the frustrations of small business owners and I would like to sit on the Small Business Committee as well as the Ways and Means Committee since I understand economics.
I believe in free trade but also fair trade. The global economy works best when trade is free between nations but we also need the terms of trade to be even handed and fair.
We all agree there needs to be better and less heated dialogue between parties. Things have never been as heated politically as they are right now. We need to find common ground on things that both parties care about and then work out from there. I also think the level of dialogue needs to be toned down. We need to view each other as people again and it's only then that we can begin to solve our problems.
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As a business owner, I have a good grasp of economics. We need to reckless government spending this will bring inflation back under control. Balancing our federal budget is key to this process. By lowering taxes for everyone, we can stimulate businesses to hire more employees and this will reduce unemployment.
My wife and I are raising 4 small children and my heart breaks for the children who suffer as the result of illegal immigration. We need to take away incentives that exist for people to come here illegally with children so that kids are no longer brought on the dangerous trip to the United States. We also need to show compassion to the children who are already here and help them reunited with their families in their home countries.
Ever since I was a boy growing up in the Seattle area, we've been preparing for the "big one." We need to do everything possible to ensure we are as ready as we can be for a big earthquake and this includes utilizing the latest technology including early warning detection systems.
Party Preference Democratic Party
Phone (425) 395-4775
Experience (Max 500 characters) United States Representative, 2019-Present, Committees on Energy & Commerce and Agriculture. Issaquah pediatrician for 17 years; Voted Best Pediatrician, greater Seattle area (Parent Map Magazine, 2013).
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 2728
Campaign Phone 425-395-4775
Campaign Email
Town where you live Sammamish, WA
Campaign Twitter Handle @@drkimschrier
I currently serve on the House Energy and Commerce committee and am the only member from the Pacific Northwest on the House Agriculture Committee. I plan to continue serving on the House Agriculture Committee, as 2023 is a big year for Farm Bill reauthorization. I’ve already started working and was proud to host the House Agriculture Committee Farm Bill Listening Session in Carnation this summer with over 100 agriculture partners and gave them the ability to participate in the farm bill process and advocate for the issues they most care about. As the first and only pediatrician in Congress, I am a voice for children and families on the Energy and Commerce committee, which controls healthcare policy. I am working to make healthcare and life-saving prescription drugs like insulin more affordable.
Washington state is the most trade-dependent state in the country. 40% of state jobs are connected to trade and almost 20% of our state’s economy is tied to exports. I hear from apple and cherry farmers, wheat growers, and hay producers in the 8th district that they are especially dependent on trade. Strong, enforceable trade agreements are critical to bringing more middle-class jobs to Washington state, growing our economy, and bringing costs down.

When farmers were struggling to get their goods to market, and we saw rising costs at the grocery store, I took on the Biden administration to get supply routes back open and pushed to open pop-up ports at both the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to combat the nearly 30% decline in agricultural exports caused by unreliable shipping companies. Now I am pushing for the passage of legislation to prevent the shipping companies from price gouging our farmers at the ports.
I have had 14 of my bills become law: eight signed by President Trump, and six signed by President Biden. I’ve worked with both Democratic and Republican members of Congress from Washington state to put politics aside and focus on what’s best for Washingtonians. As a pediatrician, I’ve also found partners in medical doctors from both parties in Congress, by focusing on where we can agree and making progress for the people of the 8th district. Everyone agrees: We need more of that bipartisanship in Congress, not less. I’ve been endorsed by local mayors from both parties because I have a track record of working with both parties to get things done.
As the first and only pediatrician and the only pro-choice woman doctor in Congress, I have been a leader in bringing healthcare costs down for working families. Both as a patient and a community pediatrician for nearly 20 years, I know how important it is to make health care, along with other everyday costs, more affordable for middle-class families. I have worked to get bills passed into law to end surprise medical billing, prevent Medicare cuts, and make healthcare more affordable by shoring up the ACA. I have taken on the Biden Administration to ensure that our veterans receive the quality healthcare they have earned, and deserve. I introduced a bill, signed into law by President Trump, to get generic insulin to market to bring costs down. And I’ve voted to give Medicare the power to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, and to cap insulin costs at $35/month for seniors.
We’re all feeling the pain of rising costs. I’m taking on the big oil companies that are price gouging us at the pump while they make record profits, so they stop ripping us off. And I introduced a bill to temporarily suspend the federal gas tax to give Washingtonians immediate relief in the short term. I took on the Biden Administration to get supply chains back open, and to get our ports running more smoothly, so costs for consumers go down, and our farmers can get their goods to market. I secured infrastructure investments in the 8th district to create family-wage jobs while pledging to not raise taxes on any families making less than $400,000/year. The country’s largest and wealthiest corporations need to pay their fair share in taxes, just like the rest of us.
We absolutely must secure our border. As a pediatrician, I know that children belong with their families. We need both security and responsibility on both sides of borders, and we need comprehensive immigration reform as part of a long-term solution. I’ve worked with Republican Representative Dan Newhouse from Washington state to introduce bipartisan legislation that would create a path to citizenship for farm workers who are contributing to our community and local businesses. As a pediatrician, I am concerned about this as a humanitarian issue, which is why I support humane immigrant detention standards, and oppose the separation and detention of families.
In Congress I voted for the Pacific Northwest Earthquake Preparedness Act, which requires the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to develop a plan for an earthquake early warning system and to undertake efforts to reduce the loss of life and property and protect the nation from earthquakes, tsunamis, and their combined effects. Additionally, Central Washington University and the University of Washington have received funding from the United States Geological Service to conduct earthquake research and monitoring. I’ve also secured funding in Congress for local infrastructure projects to improve our roads, bridges, electrical grid, and many local buildings. Investing in our infrastructure is critical for public safety in the 8th district when it comes to being prepared for wildfires, storms, and earthquakes.