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Washington State House District 8 Pos. 2

During legislative sessions, the Legislature is called upon to: enact or reject legislation affecting public policy in the state; provide for the levy and collection of taxes and other revenue to support state government and assist local government; and appropriate funds for these purposes. The House also has the exclusive power to bring impeachment proceedings. Although laws are enacted only when the Legislature is convened in formal session, policy issues and the general operation of state and local government are under continuous review by legislators serving on permanent and interim study committees.

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    April Connors

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    Joe Cotta

Biographical Information

What legislation would you support to make health care more available and affordable to Washington state residents?

Washington State’s tax structure remains the most regressive in the country. What changes to the state's tax structure would you support?

Since transportation is the largest single contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State, is there legislation would you propose or support to reduce these emissions?

What policies would you support to increase the state’s environmental resiliency and climate change mitigation?

What policies would you support to assure availability and quality of the state’s water supply, especially in eastern Washington?

What do you believe is needed to support and enhance Washington’s agricultural productivity?

Please describe your position on the effort to allow Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in local and state and federal elections.

Party Preference Republican
Phone (509) 581-2480
Experience (Max 500 characters) With your vote! April Connors is our best choice for the State House of Representatives. A mom, community leader, and a successful small business woman who shares our community's values.
Campaign Phone 5095812480
Town where you live Kennewick
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Party Preference Republican
Phone 5098321877
Campaign Mailing Address 5426 Road 68 STE D #180
Pasco, WA 99301
Campaign Phone 509-410-5686
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Town where you live Pasco
Campaign Twitter Handle @@joecottaproton1
Free enterprise and the free market system will lower health care costs and insurance. Reducing packaged requirements to purchase health insurance will allow people to purchase the insurance plans they want, as they will be relieved of having to pay for insurances that are not a priority to them or their families. Health insurances can be bought a la carte, providing more personal choice. Cost transparency of these health insurances would allow healthy business competition to serve and compete for people’s business and health care trust. I support repealing the Washington State public option law which will allow more choices, competition, and affordability in the private market. To meet healthcare workforce needs, we can provide financial assistance for potential and current caregivers, create and redevelop efficient training and education opportunities, and streamline pathways for professionals to build careers in healthcare.
State revenue for essential government services is sufficient and reliable. The B&O tax policies widely vary among industries. It requires burdensome business hours to organize compliance. A single business tax would simplify the code, reducing the costly burden on businesses, while creating a fair standard that will likely mostly benefit small businesses. To further reduce taxes and create a favorable business climate, allow businesses to select the method of payment that allows the lowest tax burden to benefit Washington state businesses. Business owners could select their tax based on gross receipts minus labor and costs, or total gross receipts minus all production costs, except labor, or 60% of total gross receipts. I would also repeal the Long-term Care Tax. I support the Let’s Go Washington Initiatives to trim sales tax by 1%, Cut the state gas tax in half (24.7 cents/gal), create a property tax exemption of $250K, and repeal the capital gains tax.
I support incentives to reduce energy usage and resources through technological adoption or other methods. Incentivize citizens to reduce resources, as opposed to penalizing standard usage. I support clean air, reducing smog, and managing a sustainable environment for our resources, but the mandatory renewable requirements to eliminate carbon emissions from our energy resources by 2045, do not account for the needs for a prosperous society and discourage the American dream of owning a small business. If we are unable to reestablish our energy goals, I would request a review of the effects of these regulations on businesses. When the rate of failing small businesses increases, we are left with little means of achieving financial independence and become more reliant on government. A prosperous economy creates an environment that allows us to create more energy options and improve use of our current resources. Improving the environment, they cannot come with such expense to society.
The greenhouse gas models we have been accepting for decades have not been accurate. There seems to be little credibility in trusting these models that severely exaggerate consequences of carbon emissions. None of the catastrophic predictions have occurred. Washington State deserves credit for its environmentally sustainable efforts. Because of our accomplishments, further restriction and regulation will not provide a strong measure of improvement, as we already care for the environment very well. I do believe we need to have better disaster relief, namely reservoirs and access to water, during times of drought.
We must complete the Columbia River Basin Project to supply our farmers with adequate water to support our state agriculture. As stated before, water storage remains a strong solution for disaster relief and assurance of water. We must preserve our dams. Breaching the dams would lower base load energy reliability, as well as make water scarce for farmers and emergency use.
Legalize private workers compensation insurance. WA state runs its own insurance company and sets its own prices. We must buy it and there is no competition allowed. We are 1 of only 4 states subject to the state’s monopoly. When the free market gets involved, insurance companies compete for our business. They must keep insurance cheap to ensure a profit. Therefore, private companies have created safety training programs that reduce work-place injury and the need for extended rehabilitation, leading to cheaper insurance, and reduced costs to employers. Reduced workplace injury is incentivized. Everyone wins, but especially agriculture, an industry where accidents are more frequent. Provide a window for overtime exemption for farms. Agriculture requires long hours to capture the harvest. The overtime laws discourage farmers from harvesting our food supply by making extended hours cost prohibitive. It raises food prices and discourage ag employees who wish to work longer hours.
I do not support Ranked Choice Voting. It appears to be a method that would allow a candidate to get elected that no group prefers. I don’t think this benefits the voters.