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Washington State House District 5 Pos. 2

During legislative sessions, the Legislature is called upon to: enact or reject legislation affecting public policy in the state; provide for the levy and collection of taxes and other revenue to support state government and assist local government; and appropriate funds for these purposes. The House also has the exclusive power to bring impeachment proceedings. Although laws are enacted only when the Legislature is convened in formal session, policy issues and the general operation of state and local government are under continuous review by legislators serving on permanent and interim study committees.

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    Lisa Callan

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    Chad Magendanz

Biographical Information

What legislation would you support to make health care more available and affordable to Washington state residents?

Washington State’s tax structure remains the most regressive in the country. What changes to the state's tax structure would you support?

Since transportation is the largest single contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State, is there legislation would you propose or support to reduce these emissions?

What policies would you support to increase the state’s environmental resiliency and climate change mitigation?

What policies would you support to assure availability and quality of the state’s water supply, especially in eastern Washington?

What do you believe is needed to support and enhance Washington’s agricultural productivity?

Please describe your position on the effort to allow Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in local and state and federal elections.

Party Preference Democratic
Phone (425)260-4878
Experience (Max 500 characters) I am honored to serve on the Children, Youth and Families Committee, the Education Committee, and as Capital Budget Committee Vice-Chair in the House. I’m co-Chair of the State’s Children and Youth Behavioral Health Workgroup and serve on children related state advisory committees. I’m a former school board director, Boeing engineer, and software consultant. I’m active in youth drug prevention and empowerment organizations, and formally served with United Way and Eastside Human Services Forum.
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 2095
Issaquah, WA 98027
Campaign Phone (425)260-4878
Campaign Email
Town where you live Issaquah, WA 98029
Campaign Twitter Handle @callan_4
Washington State is the first state in the country to begin the process for a public option for health care. It is critical this is done right ensuring this option truly lowers costs and provides greater access. I will continue working with providers and stakeholders to increase access, affordability and quality care for every Washington resident.

At the same time, I believe we can continue to take steps in concert with the Attorney General to put more pressure on drug companies to lower prices, especially for generic medications.

I will also continue to support legislation that ensures access to affordable reproductive care protecting what Washington voters have asked for in our hospitals, through our doctors, and community providers like Planned Parenthood.
This is a great question. This regressivity has overburdened families in Washington who earn the least and created distrust among our residents who feel overburdened by property and sales taxes. I believe we need to end corporate tax breaks that do not accomplish their intended economic, environmental, or social intent. We need to make sure the current effort of Washington State’s Tax Structure Workgroup produces meaningful recommendations by engaging with stakeholders most impacted. Then we need to show a genuine interest in making our system fairer by acting on those recommendations and revamping our tax code. We need to make sure lower income Washingtonians pay state taxes in line with their household income, and those who earn more take on their share. Expanding the senior property tax exemption, voting for the working families tax credit, and expanding tax credits for small businesses are a start, and I am committed to continuing the work of balancing out our tax code.
Definitely. I am excited to continue to work on ensuring strong investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are made through the Climate Commitment Act passed in 2021. I voted for the Move Ahead Washington transportation package the utilizes that funding specifically to reduce carbon. I will continue working towards the goal to end the use of gas driven cars, increasing transit, alternative transportation modes and infrastructure, expanding our electric charging network, and continuing the push for alternative power sources for transportation. This includes more than just cars, it also means our ferries, cargo ships, airplanes, trains, and our port infrastructure. I am open to all ideas for reducing our impact on our climate.
I am excited about the work that State Lands Commissioner is doing on wildfire protection and am excited to work with our state's farmers to increase mitigation from crop damage and soil loss. We need to overhaul our insurance codes to more closely mirror our changing climate and encourage businesses to move more swiftly to environmentally friendly practices. I will support policy protecting our forests and trees, changing urban landscapes to take advantage of tree canopy, and managing our forests with climate change in mind. In my Capital Committee work, we are starting to learn more about the full lifecycle impact of the buildings we construct and use for our homes, schools, stores, offices, and services. Designing buildings and infrastructure with conservation, sustainability, climate protections in mind from the materials used for construction, to how the building will be used, operated, and maintained could have a significant impact for our state.
The greatest generation did an amazing job building the reservoir system that serves so many of our farms, especially in the Yakima Valley. Unfortunately, that system is inadequate given climate change and drought conditions that are happening with alarming regularity. We need to expand our water storage systems across the state to ensure the next generation has the water they need and can rely on.
Our state has done an excellent job increasing agricultural trade in foreign markets, especially in Asia. However, there is always so much work to do. I am ready to increase our support for the Department of Commerce in their work to promote our agricultural products across the globe. We also need to continue to support agriculture research, soil preservation, water management, and mitigation of agricultural land loss to protect Washington’s agriculture now and in the future.
I believe a great first step is giving local governments the option to move to Ranked Choice Voting. It has been used successfully across the U.S. in cities and counties. I believe it would result in greater diversity of those elected, reflecting more closely and thus more representative of the wonderful diversity of the residents in our great state. Washington has been a leader in free, open, and accurate elections and in that light, Ranked Choice Voting’s design to strengthen the voice of the voter should be considered.
Party Preference Republican
Phone (425) 395-4895
Experience (Max 500 characters) Former Issaquah School Board President twice elected previously to this seat in the House of Representatives (2013-17); Served on Education (Ranking Member), Higher Education, Technology & Economic Development, Rules, and Appropriations committees; Appointed to five bipartisan school funding and quality task forces
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. BOX 785
Campaign Phone 425-395-4895
Campaign Email
Town where you live Issaquah
Campaign Twitter Handle @Magendanz
I support a universal health care voucher system where Americans would receive vouchers to purchase coverage from their choice of private health plans. The system would replace Medicaid, Medicare, and employer-based insurance. Enrollment and renewal are guaranteed regardless of health status, as is the individual’s right to buy additional services beyond the standard benefits with after-tax dollars.
I do not support any type of state income tax (flat, progressive or capital gains), but the state constitution does allow the uniform taxation of both tangible (real estate) and intangible property (cash, stocks & bonds). While intangible property is currently exempted by state statute, I would be open to making categories of wealth subject to ad valorem taxation if done in a way that is a net neutral tax burden and still below the 1% property tax constitutional limit.
I'm a founder of the bipartisan Electric Vehicles caucus and in 2015 prime sponsored HB 1853, which allowed utilities to install charging stations at no up-front cost to their customers (just like cable companies provide cable modems).

More in this video:
I was the also the Republican co-sponsor for HB 2525, which started the decommissioning process for Puget Sound Energy’s “coal by wire” plant in Montana. With our hydroelectric capacity and recent investments in wind and solar, we already produce more electricity than we consume…and that means energy independence…from other states and other nations.

I also want to ensure with all the recent focus on carbon dioxide emissions that we don’t lose sight of our targets for reducing traditional pollutants, as measured by the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and including Mobile Source Air Toxics. While I accept that global warming is real and that our carbon emissions are contributing to the effect, to me the known poisons we’re releasing into our air and water are more of an immediate threat to human health and the environment.
I feel that the state legislature's response to the Hirst decision was a disaster, and was one of the worst examples of urban Washington forcing its priorities on rural Washington. Hirst effectively banned permit-exempt wells in Washington state, halting rural development and leaving many families stuck in the middle of building a home, with now worthless, undevelopable land. Several interest groups and stakeholders are unhappy with ESSB 6091, the current Hirst "fix", representing both sides of the spectrum, including those who believe the statute does not adequately project ecological resources and others who feel it did not go far enough to provide relief for rural residents.
Frankly, the sharp increase in government mandates, regulations, and new taxes from well-intentioned King County advocacy groups is what's hurting Washington's agricultural productivity most right now. Eastern WA mostly wants to be left alone.
As the 5th District legislator with the most independent voting record since 1991 (which is as far back as LegTech provides online records), I fully support ranked choice voting because it's one of the most effective policies to heal the partisan divide.