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Washington State House District 19 Pos. 1

During legislative sessions, the Legislature is called upon to: enact or reject legislation affecting public policy in the state; provide for the levy and collection of taxes and other revenue to support state government and assist local government; and appropriate funds for these purposes. The House also has the exclusive power to bring impeachment proceedings. Although laws are enacted only when the Legislature is convened in formal session, policy issues and the general operation of state and local government are under continuous review by legislators serving on permanent and interim study committees.

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    Kelli Hughes-Ham

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    Jim Walsh

Biographical Information

How would your district and the citizens of Washington State as a whole benefit from having you in office?

What policies could the Legislature adopt to address issues of racism and policing in this state that you would support?

How can Washington provide adequate funding for educational support services including for early childhood education?

What policies would you support to improve job growth, strengthen the state economy and reduce economic and racial disparities, especially in light of the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis?

What environmental issues in our state should be addressed by the Legislature?

What priority would you place on increasing public funding for infrastructure in the next two years?

How would you balance the right to own guns with the problems of gun violence?

Party Preference Democratic
Phone (360) -600-5265
Experience (Max 500 characters) Kelli has spent sixteen years as an Art / English / Journalism / CTE educator at Ilwaco High School. She's a proud union member. She is a mother to two sons, 11 and 13, and a step-mom to a 23-year-old. Born and raised in Chinook, Kelli is also a member of the Chinook Nation. She's a fisherman, a rock hound, and a forager, and she is proud to be the descendant of people who have called this land home for centuries! She calls this place her forever home, and she wants to work hard for everyone who
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 253
ILWACO, WA 98624
Campaign Phone 360-600-5265
Campaign Email
Town where you live Ilwaco, WA
I know this place. I love this place. And I think that our LD deserves a representative as unique as it is. I want to support our existing industries and strengthen them, which will only strengthen the resilience of our communities. We deserve realistic climate solutions. We deserve strong rural schools that are fully-funded. And we deserve enough safe housing for all of our community members. I want to work on behalf of EVERYONE in our LD, and my background as a high school teacher allows me to communicate with anyone, even those who disagree with me. I am formidable but approachable. And I think that I would be very good at working with anyone from any political background on behalf of the people of this state.
Demilitarizing our police should be a priority, along with rigorous, ongoing training in de-escalation and bias awareness. I believe that police can be a valuable resource to our communities IF they are highly-trained AND reflect the racial and cultural background of the communities they support.
Funding must come from the state. Our local communities cannot continue to bear much of the burden of funding our schools, when we don't even have enough housing and living-wage jobs to support home ownership. There is no reason why our state, which is a hotbed of innovation and wealth, cannot create a tax structure that places the burden on those who pull the most out of our economy. Anyone making millions off the backs of workers in our state can help contribute to what should be a shining example of a school system. Washington leads the way on so many things, why not school funding?
We need to deal with the lack of safe, affordable housing, to begin with. Our communities cannot continue to add jobs unless workers can thrive. There has never been a time where the wealth gap has been so large, and we have all but eliminated the middle class. We also must support any efforts toward a single-payer healthcare system. This is absolutely necessary, not just from a financial standpoint, but also from an ACCESS standpoint.
We must address the climate crisis while not alienating our natural resource industries. The environmental lobby must work with our job providers to make sure that we are not tearing jobs away from our communities in order to push climate solutions that would result in job loss and breakdown of rural infrastructure.
Rural broadband. Our rural communities cannot compete and thrive unless we have the same access to high-speed internet. In order to attract business, we must do this NOW.
Raise the age to purchase semi-automatic weapons to 21. A young person whose prefrontal cortex is not yet formed should not have access to weapons that area designed for the purpose of killing humans. I come from a community where many people own guns in order to hunt for food for their families, and to protect their property from predation (I own a rifle to protect my chickens from raccoons!). We cannot ignore that a vast majority of gun owners are responsible, law-abiding citizens, but as a high school teacher and a parent, I am terrified that someday, a disgruntled student might make a choice to inflict violence in our classrooms.
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