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Spokane County Auditor

The primary responsbilities of the county auditor are: (1) recording of real property documents; (2) vehicle registration and licensing, issuing various licenses such as marriage and business licenses, and acting as agent for the state Department of Revenue in collecting certain fees and taxes); (3) elections and voter registration; (4) county financial audit and administration: and (5) acting as clerk of the board of county commissioners.

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    Vicky M Dalton

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    Bob McCaslin

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Party Preference Democrat
Phone (509) 996-5962
Experience (Max 500 characters) I have served as the Spokane County Auditor since 1999. Prior to that, I was the county’s Internal Auditor for 10 years and worked for CPA firms before joining the county. My professional credentials include Certified Public Accounting, Certified Government Finance Manager and Certified Election Administrator, all are active designations. I serve as on the Board of Directors for Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners and am currently Board Treasurer, leading the Finance Committee.
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 40356
Campaign Phone (509)996-5962
Town where you live Spokane Valley
I believe in community service and the auditor’s function fits my professional and personal talents perfectly. I receive enormous satisfaction in creating government policies and processes that are efficient and deliver the services for which my office is responsible. The four functions of the County Auditor touch nearly every resident every day. Through the Elections Office, registered voters participate in up to four elections every year. Through the Vehicle Licensing Office, vehicle owners secure titles and obtain annual tabs. Through the Recording Office, ownership of property and homes is secured. Through the Financial Services Office, employees and vendors are paid while the public is provided an annual report of the County’s financial position.
There is an assault on the credibility of our election process by those who allege without evidence that there is vast voter fraud. These “election deniers” cast doubt where none should be, and their allegations have had a negative effect on the public and on my election staff. Secondly, there is insufficient financial resources for the functions of my office. Even before the pandemic, county government was understaffed and under budgeted. New pressures are adding to the problem - inflation, supply chain issues and staffing shortages (difficulty in both hiring new employees and retaining current employees). Added legislative mandates also are impacting the office. New requirements in elections, such as allowing 17-year-olds to vote in the primary election, are complex to implement. A new requirement to allow for removal of racially restrictive covenants in recorded land records is requiring significant technical and legal research to implement.
I utilize my in-depth knowledge of the laws that govern voter eligibility, registration, & ballot processing, to inform the public of how elections actually work. I want to reassure every voter that their vote counts, that every election is counted and reported fairly and if there is a questionable ballot, we have the processes in place to handle it. Working with other county departments and state agencies, my offices continue to streamline processes. Along with my department managers, I am finding new ways to bring in qualified employees and to provide current employees with opportunities. Implementing new legislative mandates has required collaboration at the state level. My department managers and I are leaders in state-level projects to implement these new requirements.
Voter participation requires two basic foundations – process and outreach. For process, I will continue to be a state-level leader in ensuring the processes available to register to vote are accessible and secure. I championed online voter registration, which is an accessible, secure registration process for all qualified applicants. For outreach, I will continue to partner with the many exceptional groups in Spokane County who already serve our community. My office partners with the League of Women Voters to provide voter registration and education to high school students, and we work together at naturalization ceremonies to provide information and voter registration to new citizens. Other organizations that serve specific communities also provide outreach that is beyond the reach of my office.
Since the 2004 Governor’s race, I have been explaining to the public that their votes are secure and counted accurately. The standards in place in Washington State elections ensure that ballots are secure and vote counts are accurate. We perform manual verification of ballots to machine counts during the election. On a state level, the counties and Secretary of State are implementing an audit process (Risk Limiting Audit) that verifies that individual ballots were counted accurately. We also take cybersecurity seriously, working closely with the Secretary of State’s office to ensure electronic security. I encourage individuals to serve as certified election observers for their preferred political party. They watch the actual ballot processes as they occur. In addition, Spokane has numerous close races that require recounts. The results of the recounts rarely vary from the original count, which supports the high level of accuracy of the original count.
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