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Island County Commissioner, District 3

The board of county commissioners is the legislative authority for the county in the 33 noncharter counties. The commissioners serve as the chief administrators for most county operations.

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    Timothy S Hazelo

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    Janet St. Clair

Biographical Information

What is your record of public service?

How do you view balancing development with protecting our natural resources?

How should your county assist the homeless and economically disadvantaged?

What do you think are the most important environmental issues your county will face due to the changing climate?

How would you address the issues surrounding your county’s infrastructure?

How do you assess your county’s ability to address any issues surrounding racial inequities?

What should your county be doing to prepare for any crisis such as COVID-19?

Phone (360) 720-0602
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 957
Volunteer and or donate in support of the VFW, Habitat for humanity, Elks Lodge, Deer Lagoon Grange, Holiday house, etc. Currently the Chairman of the Island County Republican Party, Elected PCO, 2020 Presidential elector, Current Union Steward for the P8 Simulation Systems shop, member of Island County Veterans Advisory Board, etc.
There has to be a balance we need programs that use natural beauty and resources as part of the development. Incentivize property owners to participate in the invasive species removal allowing people to help with their own community while preserving the flora and fauna of our beautiful islands.
Education, Rehabilitation, and a hand up not a handout. We need programs and policies that actually address the problem rather than just make people feel better. We need to expect a result rather than just throw money at it. Tiny home communities where people can get back on their feet and support programs all in one place are an idea, with that there has to be a better way. We are only growing the problem not fixing it.
There are not many direct threats to Island County specifically. However, we should always be in search of cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways of doing things.
Budget adjustments to the departments that provide the things the county government was created to do, rather than feelgood programs that spend and spend with no results.
I know certain people want to create this large rift, but it only exists in the media and the minds of those who want it to continue. Remove all mention of race from all government and local documents and papers. Treat everyone the same regardless of who they are. I am from a mixed family and we never get yelled at while in Walmart or sent to the back of the line at the post office. It's time we get over this and move on.
Realize that nature is what it is. Encourage people to do their homework and be ready. Get our hospital and healthcare systems in a position to help. Work on programs that help people live a healthier life and have stronger more resilient immune systems. Oh and never ever try to mandate invasive procedures and dictates on our people!
Party Preference Democrat
Phone 360-445-1309
Experience (Max 500 characters) I am running for re-election for Island County Commissioner. I have served for four years during some of the most turbulent times facing local government. Prior to entering politics, my experience was deeply involved in public service, first in education then with a wonderful career in social work.
Campaign Phone 360-445-1309
Town where you live Camano Island
Campaign Twitter Handle @@JanetStClair4IC
I was elected to public office in 2018 to serve on the Board of Island County Commissioners. I have served three of my four-year term as Chair for our Board of Health and was Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners in 2020 when the pandemic broke out. These have been deeply complex times to represent the people on Whidbey and Camano Island as we worked to balance public safety with economic resiliency. I depended on science, research and best practice in all of my policy decisions but especially during this pandemic.

Prior to entering politics, I was in public service for most of my adult life. I was a bilingual teacher for four years in California. I then obtained my Masters in Social Welfare and have been privileged to have been in social work and nonprofit management for 30 years.
Much of the work in government is about balance and compromise. As we struggle with the need for affordable housing, we also must prioritize strategic and innovative housing solutions with sustainable development. This includes "building up" in areas with septic and water infrastructure, innovative practices such as cluster housing and appropriate use of accessory dwelling units on rural parcels. It also includes equal value on protecting open space and forest canopies to protect our rural character, prevent stormwater runoff, protect aquifer recharge and build communities with access to green space and outdoor recreation.
I have a strong belief that we should build communities where all can thrive where they work, live and play. Homelessness is a problem facing both rural and urban communities as we struggle with housing availability, living wage challenges, and the behavioral health needs of many who have lived in our communities for years. I believe that these issues are best addressed in public/private partnership with housing development agencies and through housing land trusts as well as strategic government investments in land, infrastructure and zoning modifications. I think it is critical to support mental health providers and add innovative strategies to help those struggling. I strongly support our Economic Development Council and local Chambers of Commerce in their support to small business. I also believe strong workforce development is important such as the services provided by the Workforce Development Council.
Climate change is real, and the impacts are far reaching. We must address the impact of more severe weather including flooding due to more severe storms and king tides. Included in that work is addressing sea level rise with the rising tide of data and research that can guide us in education, prevention and mitigation.

I also believe the climate crisis has impact on healthy forest stewardship and sustainable agricultural practices. I support incentive programs to help property owners prepare and steward their land for generations to come.

Finally, as a county made up entirely of islands, we must protect our waters against acidification, algae blooms and other harmful impacts on our shellfish and marine life. Education and outreach, incentive programs and appropriate mitigation can help us protect our beautiful islands, the economy and those who depend on an abundant Puget Sound.
Aging infrastructure is a critical issue in Island County, confounded by the multiple jurisdictional authorities between federal, state and local government. We must work collaboratively to balance the needs of improving infrastructure, protecting property and the environmental priorities important to Island County. I have worked to build relationships with US Army Corps of Engineers, WA Department of Fish & Wildlife, Department of Ecology and others to find common sense solutions to our infrastructure challenges. The County also builds a long-term plan, setting aside local revenue to support those efforts. We also work to support private sewer and water systems in their efforts to build resiliency in their infrastructure. We need to leverage federal funding to help these efforts. Finally, as I believe telecommunications and broadband are also key infrastructure needs, I have worked to expand internet availability to under and unserved areas of Island County.
Island County has worked hard to add an equity lens to our programs in the last four years. We work to identify institutional racism and change policies. We have added dedicated staff and programming to include diversity, equity and inclusion. This has included disaggregation of data to better understand disproportionality and improved language access planning, so materials and services are accessible to all, regardless of English language competency.
Island County had been working hard to develop a disaster preparedness program in the event of natural disasters. What we learned from COVID-19 is that while we were prepared for an acute crisis, much of our planning had not prepared us for a chronic, ongoing crisis such as the pandemic. We are reviewing our recovery and response, reorganizing departments where appropriate and updating our protocols based on lessons learned. Emergency Preparedness should always be an ongoing exercise of continuous analysis and improvement.