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Hawaii Lieutenant Governor

Duties: Along with the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor’s authority is derived from Article V, Section 2, of the Constitution of the State of Hawai i. The Lieutenant Governor serves as the assistant chief executive, becoming Acting Governor upon the absence of the Governor from the State. In Hawai i, the Lieutenant Governor also serves as the legally designated Secretary of State. The designation requires the Office of the Lieutenant Governor to be responsible for: issuing orders granting legal name changes; certifying U.S. documents for recognition abroad; processing documents that convey state lands inter-departmentally; and serving as the repository for various tpes of official documentation for public review and consumption. Qualifications: Must be a Hawai i resident for not less than 5 years immediately preceding the election, a registered voter of Hawai i, and at least 30 years of age.How Elected: In the primary election, Governor and Lieutenant Governor are each a separate contest. In the general election, Governor and Lieutenant Governor are voted for as a team by political party. Any nonpartisan candidates who would otherwise qualify as a candidate for Governor on the general election ballot, will not qualify unless there is a running mate in the form of a nonpartisan candidate for Lieutenant Governor, who has otherwise met the statutory requirements to appear on the general election ballot (Hawaii State Constitution, Article V, Sections 1 and 2).Term: Four years, limited to two consecutive terms.Base Salary (FY2022): $162,552

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    Rob BURNS

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    Tae KIM

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    Seaula TUPAI, Jr.

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Education Graduate Kailua High School, "Universe" of Hawaii....
Campaign Phone 8087804844
I am the founder of several local businesses, including Local Motion and The Hawaiian Style Band. I am a "Local" Hapa Haole, with roots going back many generations. I believe my business sense and experience, coupled with my abilities to find innovative solutions, will serve Hawaii well. In Hawaii, reputation is everything, and those who know me, know I can deliver. I hope I get the chance to help our State in this Office.
I've got three and they are "ABC": Accountability, Balance, and Common Sense. Throughout my 50 years of doing business in Hawaii, I've worked with all types of people and issues. I'm hoping to bring the people together to find and implement solutions for housing, cost of living, and quality of life.
I don't know if a Lt Governor gets a "first official act" but if I did, I would overhaul and update Hawaii's voter rolls, to make sure all elections are safe and uncorrupted. I've also got a few Park projects I'd like to work on.
Some people, because of timidity, or perhaps "analysis paralysis" can't seem to make any type of decision. In my years of business, I've relied on my experience and instincts, and they've rarely steered me wrong. I won't say I make "snap" decisions, but I'm good at making timely, effective ones. Also I "work well with others", and am always looking for great ideas and solutions, no matter where they come from.
Education Law School, J.D.
Military/Community Service represented indigent residents of Honolulu for the past 30 years and provided countless hours of pro bono services
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone 8082204667
Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 161315
I meet the statutory requirements to be a candidate for Lt. Governor. I am running for the office of Lt. Governor because I wish to serve the people of Hawaii with progressive ideas to improve the lives of all residents. Hawaii is not headed in a positive direction. Current politicians are only maintaining their political standings while 75-85 percent of the residents are barely making ends meet. Most residents are 1-2 paychecks away from falling into poverty. We must move away from "hand-out" and into "hand-up" to provide opportunities for all the people of Hawaii.
My goal is to improve Hawaii's social economic situation by promoting investment in solar energy and gaming. Hawaii's tourism industry alone is unable to meet all the challenges of the State's social economic issues. We need foreign investment in renewable solar energy that's available to us all year round. As the most isolated place in the world, we must do away with importing millions of gallons of fossil fuels. Gaming industry will bring billions of dollars to Hawaii to pay for many needed social economic programs, including public safety.
From day one I will reach out to all neighborhoods by attending neighborhood and community meetings to inform and promote how we can improve all the social economic issues in Hawaii, including finding means to execute the programs.
I believe all decisions must be informed decision. Informed by the public and supported by the people. No unilateral close door meetings, and no more "we'll tell you what to do or how to do it".
Education Master of Arts in Music degree - Washington State University
Military/Community Service Hawaii National Guard Youth Challenge Academy - Instructor, Overcoming Faith Center - Senior Pastor, Hilo High - Football Coach, Kamehameha School Keaau - Football Coach, Waiakea High School - Alternative Learning Center Instructor.
Campaign Website
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (808)888-8454
Campaign Mailing Address 200 Kanoelehua Ave PMB 385
Hilo, HI 96720
Growing up my parents have always taught me the importance of serving. Whether working full time in ministry, coaching football with Hilo Highschool for 9 seasons, or creating positive changes in the lives of troubled youths, I've always sought to serve my community to the best of my ability. That's why I decided to run. For too long our public servants have forgotten that they are just that; servants. If elected, I intend to bring an attitude of servitude back into the highest seats of our state government.
My top two goals are to put political power back into the hands of it's rightful owners; the People. And to fight on behalf of the people. Making them, not big corporations or special interest groups, the main focus of our administration. If elected, my administration will protect parental right from governmental overreach. We will put a Constitutional Sheriff on the ballot who will hold all public servants, including myself, accountable to our Constitution and our oaths of office. I will do everything in my power to bring righteousness back in the LG's office.
My first official act as Lieutenant Governor will be to perform full forensic audits on all departments and publicize the findings. We want the people to know everything! From voter rolls to spending, the people deserve to know the facts. We will also put governor appointed candidates on the ballot and place term limits on those seats. Our aim is to build trust through transparency.
I see myself as a conceptual decision-maker. I believe the best solutions are found when we look at the big picture, weigh all options, use creative ideas, and take risks when necessary. I see myself as the kind of leader who understands the value of serving and uplifting others. I believe best results are found when we value people more than positions. When we stop focusing on who gets the credit, we can get the work done so that everyone prospers. There once was a time when our state championed these ideals; sadly that's no longer the case. I would like to see these ideals come back.