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Idaho State House District 4 B

Idaho House of Representatives members serve a 2-year term and are responsible for translating the public will into public policy for the state, levying taxes, appropriating public funds, and overseeing the administration of state agencies. These responsibilities are carried out through the legislative process — laws passed by elected representatives of the people, legislators.

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    Larry Bieber

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    Elaine Price

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1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

2. What experience has prepared you for this office?

3. What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho faces that you might be able to address in this position?

4. Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

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A return to civility in our discourse ! It is vitally important to listen and understand what is being debated and participate in an amicable solution. This is what will guide me as your State Representative. I will be a change agent for voters rights legislation, meaningful educational funding and reform in both academics and vocational transitions to provide a highly educated and qualified workforce. This will have extraordinary benefits throughout Idaho.
I have spent the majority of my adult life as an educator and coach. I taught math in middle school (3yrs.), high school (24 yrs.) in the Coeur d'Alene School district and college ( 9yrs) at North Idaho College. I coached all levels of basketball and won the Idaho State Championship in 1998. I was also the Head coach of the girl's softball program and won 5 state championships. Prior to my teaching career I was a Military Police Officer stationed in Germany. I have observed the many struggles teachers face every day as well as the many accomplishments. I feel qualified to be a State Representative as I know the value of hard work and diligence in all my endeavors.
1. Education and the transition from high school to both colleges as well as trade schools. 2. Affordable housing and property taxation issues 3. Affordable child care 4. Civility in our discourse ! 4. Voter rights issues
This is my first attempt at public office and I look forward to the challenge. I promise to listen to those I will represent and carry their message forward.
Campaign Phone 208-640-6404
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Campaign Facebook Elaine4NorthIdaho
My top three priorities are: Closing the loophole that allowed the extension of the emergency declaration beyond the 60 days as intended in the statue. Making sure all three branches are working the way they should during an emergency. Protecting our minor children from grooming and sexualization. Holding our schools and libraries accountable for content set before our minor children. Repealing the grocery tax. We have a surplus right now. We have time to craft ways to cut spending to cover the loss of this revenue stream.
Starting and building a successful business in Coeur d'Alene and working with the public in a retail environment has given me an insight into what the constituency is paying attention to and what they believe are the important issues. I truly can be the voice of the people with the knowledge and understanding of their concerns afforded me by talking to them and getting their input regularly.
Erosion of parental rights, school choice options, secure medical freedom, stop the growth of government, stop government overreach both federally and state, stop the attack on our children's innocence.
I will be the Voice of North Idaho in Boise. I am elected by the people and will work for the people in Boise.