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Yakima County Commissioner District 2

The board of county commissioners is the legislative authority for the county in the 33 noncharter counties. The commissioners serve as the chief administrators for most county operations.

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    Kyle Curtis

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    Dulce Gutierrez

Biographical Information

What is your record of public service?

How do you view balancing development with protecting our natural resources?

How should your county assist the homeless and economically disadvantaged?

What do you think are the most important environmental issues your county will face due to the changing climate?

How would you address the issues surrounding your county’s infrastructure?

How do you assess your county’s ability to address any issues surrounding racial inequities?

What should your county be doing to prepare for any crisis such as COVID-19?

Party Preference Republican
Phone (509) 563-5104
Experience (Max 500 characters) Yakima County Planning Commission, elected Vice-Chair; Yakima Homeless Coalition (2 years); City of Yakima Community Integration Committee; Heritage University Business Advisory Board; Yakima County Development Association; Yakima Downtown Rotary; Mainstream Republicans of Washington Board
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 1183
YAKIMA, WA 98907
Campaign Phone 509-563-5104
Campaign Email
Since returning home to Yakima five years ago I have been called to serving in various capacities to better my community. Here is a list of the boards/committee that I have served on the last five years:

*Yakima County Planning Commission, Vice Chair *Yakima County Development Association, Executive Board *Yakima Rotary Downtown *Yakima County Homeless Coalition (2 Years) *New Leaders of Yakima County, United Way, Treasurer *Heritage University Business Advisory Committee, Chair *City of Yakima Community Integration Committee (2 Years, Secretary) *Mainstream Republicans, Board Member *Opportunity for Washington, Treasurer *Yakima Pride, Treasurer *AgForestry – Class 42
Ive served two years on the Yakima County Planning Commission and during this time I have made recommendations to the board on long range planning for the unincorporated areas of the county. The Planning Commission reviews and conducts public hearings on proposed changes to Yakima County's Comprehensive Plan - Horizon 2040, development regulations, and hears public testimony.

I support protecting our farmland and ensuring we have working lands. This will be accomplished by ensuring our Horizon 2040 Comprehensive Plan, as required by the Growth Management Act (GMA), does little to no impact on agriculture production lands. Our agriculture industry continues to evolve in growing and harvesting techniques, product development, technology and reach into newer markets. Ensuring we have vital land accessible to promote opportunities for the next great innovators is a top priority.
We must develop an effective crisis response system that can help people quickly exit homelessness to break the cycle. We need to implement sustainable solutions like addressing substance abuse and mental health which are the root cause of chronic homelessness for many. We know there is a direct correlation to homelessness when there are rising costs of rent that are greater than 30% of what you take home.
Wildfires due to the poor management of our forest lands will continue to be an ever evolving issue. We will also continue to mitigate and manage our water usage to ensure our Ag producers have adequate supply. There have been and continue to be discussions on water storage that would help address many of the issues Department of Ecology has identified.
The County will continue to face the realities of an unstable supply chain, the rising cost of gas, high inflation, and rising wages in the near future. Some economists have predicted it will take an additional two years for the supply chain and labor market to stabilize. During this time of increasing inflation, looming interest rate hikes, and a potential recession, we need to ensure we do not place additional economic burdens on residents by increasing tax revenues. The County will need to take innovative approaches in order to combat these challenges. I have served as a Chief Financial Officer and understand the importance of budgeting and appropriation of funds. I will bring these experiences to help manage, adapt, and balance our County’s budget in order to prioritize and continue working on our Country’s 6 Year Roadway Plan.
I support moving County legislative business to a more accessible time and place for citizens. For most county business to happen in the middle of the workday is exclusionary and does not promote public participation or accountability. We need to ensure County resources are accessible to everyone in our community and this includes providing bilingual services. There is always more to be done. It takes leadership at the top willing to seek out those inequities, highlight them and work with the community on addressing them. In 2016, the Yakima City Council started a series of actions to address equitable distribution of resources throughout the City of Yakima related to social, racial and economic benefits. This study was extremely beneficial and allows leadership to review where resources are needed/not equally distributed.
COVID-19 was devastating to our community in many ways. We have learned, amended and ensured we have leadership in place to work through the next crisis. The Yakima County Health District is responsible for activities mandated by Washington Statute and/or Washington Administrative Codes. To that end, the Yakima Health District is responsible for administration and enforcement of public health and environmental health laws of federal, state, and local government. Just recently the County Health Board reviewed its Strategic Plan. I believe the only way to prepare and address a new crisis is by developing a network of community partners invested in improving public health. Only through this network and through the community as one would we be best prepared.
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