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Duties: The County Council is the legislative branch of the County. Council is responsible for passing the laws that govern the city and county, as enacted by ordinance and written in the Charter of the City and Council of Honolulu.Areas Represented: Hawaii Kai, Kuliouou, Niu Valley, Aina Haina, Wailupe, Waialae-Iki, Kalani Valley, Kahala, Wilhemina Rise, Kaimuki, portions of Kapahulu, Diamond Head, Black Point, Waikiki, and Ala Moana Beach ParkHow Elected: The County Council consists of nine members elected from geographical districts. Members are elected on a non-partisan basis. A Councilmember must be a qualified resident and registered voter of the district from which the person is to be elected.Term: Four years, limited to a maximum of two consecutive full terms.Base Salary (FY2022): Councilmember - $68,904; Chairperson - $76,968

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    Kaleo NAKOA

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    Tommy WATERS

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Please provide a brief Candidate Statement describing your qualifications and why you are running for this office.

How would you address concerns about a lack of transparency at all levels of government?

What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing Hawaii due to climate change?

Do you believe the response to the COVID-19 crisis could have been improved, and if so, how?

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Campaign Phone (808) 940-9632
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 1100
Waimanalo, Hi 96825
Why am I qualified? I am qualified because I am a parent of 4 children, retired military and my wife is currently serving in the military today. I was born and raised on Maui and joined the Coast Guard at age 17 and retired here in Honolulu in 2020 with 20 years of Honorable service. I am not a politician, but I am the best asset for our people. I always stood up for what is right and will continue to be leading the way to make our future brighter for the Keiki. Everything I do is for our people and our future. WE are fighting for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the lands that is so precious to us, but the Government keeps taking all of our assets and freedoms away. I didn't serve and sacrifice 20 years for nothing. I won't let our freedoms be ruined by corruption and greed.
BE the example, LEAD by example and call out those who are not being honest and true to the people. I've always been for the people throughout my career and that won't stop now. I'm not a smooth talker, I'm a straight talker and the BS stops with me.
Honestly, in my first 100 days, I won't be working towards climate change. I will be working to finding solutions/programs for our "unfortunate people" that don't have homes, have addictions or mental issues. Its something that every politician has said over and over again, but they never had the drive or the will of a parent like I do, that wants to make Hawaii better for our keiki. If we think that getting rid of vehicles that aren't electric is the solution than we are misguided, because Hawaii doesn't have a recycling program that will allow the storage or recycling of those batteries that these cars will be disposing. Shipping these batteries alone, will cost as much as these little cars that are on the roads now.
I 100 percent know that the response to COVID should've been improved. Talking with local businesses, the programs that the state put together never helped these businesses. The forms they sent out for the businesses to fill out weren't verified and those that were honest on the survey about how many employees they have were only given a small percentage of the Millions that were available. But these other companies that weren't truthful on the survey cashed in a lot more than what they were supposed to get in return. The Restaurant card program was a bust and no thought went into this program. Still to this day, kids are being masked at schools and summer schools while the rest of the world is unmasked. CDC also stated that wearing a mask is more harmful than productive in protecting the wearer.
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