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Hawaii State Representative, Dist 3

Duties: The Hawaii State House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Hawaii State Legislature. The Hawaii House of Representatives is a part-time body.Areas Represented: Portion of Hilo, Keaukaha, Orchidlands Estate, Ainaloa, Hawaiian Acres, Fern Acres, a portion of Kurtistown, a portion of Keaau. How Elected: The house consists of 51 members elected from an equal number of respective representative districts. A Representative must be a Hawaii resident not less than three years, is at least 18 years old, and is a qualified voter of the representative district from which the person seeks to be elected. Candidates for state legislative offices who are nominated in the primary election and are unopposed in the general election will be deemed elected to the office sought after the primary election regardless of the number of votes received by that candidate (Hawaii State Constitution, Article III, Section 4). Term: Two years, not subject to term limits.Base Salary (FY2022): $62,604 plus $225/day if living outside Oahu, $10/day for members living on Oahu; Speaker of the House - $70,104

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    Devinshaw K. MCMACKIN, Sr.

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    Shannon Lopeka MATSON

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    Christopher L.T. TODD

Biographical Information

Please provide a brief Candidate Statement, describing your qualifications and why you are running for this office.

If elected, how would you stop political corruption or the appearance of corruption?

What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing Hawaii due to climate change?

What legislative steps will you take to reform the criminal legal system, from pre-trial procedures, sentencing, incarceration and re-entry?

Education High school and some college
Military/Community Service Honorably discharged from US Army Active Duty.
Campaign Address 106 Krauss Ave
Hilo, HI 96720
Campaign Phone 808-345-0326
Campaign Email
Campaign Twitter Handle @@ShawMcmackin
Besides the age requirements for office, I believe that my travels in my earlier days while serving The US on active duty with the Army, allowed me to observe and participate in community work across the world. Where I observed both the best of humanity and the worse. This world perspective has allowed me to open communications with Peoples of all backgrounds to understand the common struggle of life to provide a good life for those we love. With that in mind I am fully aware both as a Kanaka Maoli, and as an American my unique perspective. but believe that all constituents should be fairly represented no matter what a candidates personal feelings are.
I believe reform on Pay, Classification of the position, and Term Limits would bring forth change in remembering that the job is to serve the community not how much is in your pocket. Reform in setting stricter laws and regulations on having a business that has government contracts to include ones spouse or family member would reduce this corruption and allowing an electied position for directors instead of appointed. Reform on the states responsibility to Hawaiians on the list for DHHL to instead of paying people getting them on the land to alleviate the houseing crisis.
Working on adding more sustainablilty grants and fbudgets at the state level and intrtoduing more state funded programs to train our people on these specific trades. Having the Support system in place locally is just as important as having the systems. "No make sense." to have something that can't befixed locally. Reform at the K-12 educational systems and policies to bring forward more Aina Based educations and solutions then trying to "Re-invent the wheel".
Our problem with the "Correctional System" is that its focused more on the punishment then the Correcting. We also should being increasing the budget for our law enforcement for better training, standards, retention. Can't ask Leonardo Di Vinci to paint the Sistine Chapel with no paints or brushes or equipment. Can't ask A Kanaka Kalae La'au to carve without tools, material and knowledge. We need reform for our mental health systems and support. Here in Hawai'i we have seen the amazing work that was done up on the mauna with The Kanaka Medics lets work with and expand these avenues of approach.
Education Attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR in 2007 and Peking University in Beijing, China in 2005. Received a B.A. in Communication from U.H. Hilo 2008
Military/Community Service Served as Vice Chair for Hawaii County Democratic Party 2017-2019, Democratic Party of Hawaii 2021-2022, Organized multiple food distributions during COVID, Commissioner for Hawaii County Cost of Government Commission 2022
Campaign Phone 8089373037
I have always been an outspoken advocate for the environment, homeless rights, women’s rights, and social justice issues that affect our community. As a mother, small business owner, small farmer, I am aware of the struggles that Hawaii’s working families endure to make ends meet. I will work hard to address the inequalities in the systems that continuously lead to benefits for corporations over communities and profits over people.

Listening to our communities’ concerns and being a consistent voice for fairness and equity is the key to co-creating meaningful change for a thriving Hawai’i.
I signed the Our Hawai'i Pledge and am committed to not taking private corporate donations. I believe that one of the most meaningful campaign reform steps we can take is to increase our public funding for elections and lower our campaign spending limits to make sure our elected officials are running on people power, and not beholden to corporate donors.
A visitor fee would be one solution, to offset our societal and environmental costs of tourism, that specifically could go towards reforestation and ocean clean-up. Increasing our requirements for low-emission vehicles and supporting alternative/sustainable energy options that are truly renewable are priorities for me as well. I strongly believe we need a cultural shift away from the "single-use" mentality to one of reusable/sustainable/conscious consumerism, while recognizing that the biggest shifts need to come from a systemic change that holds manufacturers and producers accountable for the waste they are creating.
I support the reform of our cash-bail system. I support ending pre-trial detention for non-violent offenses. I believe we need to be doing more across the board to reform our justice system to one of focus on rehabilitation and reintegration, using principals of restorative justice, rather than one of incarceration.
Education University of Hawaii at Hilo B.A. in Economics & Political Science
Military/Community Service Hilo High School, assistant football coach (2010-pre
Campaign Address 96 Kekela St.
Hilo, HI 96720
Campaign Phone (808) 825-8636
Campaign Email
I have served in the State House since January of 2017 and have done my best to build relationships and expertise to better serve my community. After serving three terms, it is clear that our state has many needs that need addressing and is approaching a pivotal moment. I hope to be a force for meaningful positive change.
I believe in comprehensive campaign finance reform and will advocate in favor of all recommendations to come out of the current independent working group.
Hawaii is headed in the right direction in a lot of ways, but we need more dramatic action on sea level rise mitigation and in preparing for a future with elevated tropical storm/hurricane activity. Through working with the relevant environmental and fiscal chairpersons, I will work to prioritize these areas through public works projects which will simultaneously reinvigorate the economy and help us prepare for the worst.
I voted in favor of HB1567 which would reform the current cash bail system. In addition to advocating for the rights of the accused and incarcerated, I have consistently supported legislation that addresses the difficulty of re-entry.