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Hawaii State Senator, Dist 2

Duties: The Hawaii State Senate is the upper chamber of the Hawaii State Legislature. The Hawaii State Senate is a part-time body.Areas Represented: Keaau, Hawaiian Paradise Park, Orchidlands Estates, Ainaloa, Hawaiian Beaches, Koae, Kapoho, Nanawale Estates, Pahoa, Pualaa, Pohoiki, Leilani Estates, Kaueleau, Opihikao, Kehena, Kaimu, Kalapana, Kapaahu, portion of Volcano, Fern Forest, Glenwood, Mountain View, Hawaiian Acres, KurtistownHow Elected: The senate consists of 25 members elected from an equal number of constituent districts across the islands. A Senator must be a Hawaii resident for not less than three years, is at least 18 years old, and is a qualified voter of the senatorial district from which the person seeks to be elected. Candidates for state legislative offices who are nominated in the primary election and are unopposed in the general election will be deemed elected to the office sought after the primary election regardless of the number of votes received by that candidate (Hawaii State Constitution, Article III, Section 4).Term: Four years, not subject to term limits.Base Salary (FY2022): $62,604 plus $225/day if living outside Oahu, $10/day for members living on Oahu; Senate President - $70,104

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    Dianne HENSLEY

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    Holly L. OSBORN

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    Frederick F. FOGEL

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Biographical Information

Please provide a brief Candidate Statement, describing your qualifications and why you are running for this office.

If elected, how would you stop political corruption or the appearance of corruption?

What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing Hawaii due to climate change?

What legislative steps will you take to reform the criminal legal system, from pre-trial procedures, sentencing, incarceration and re-entry?

Age 69
Education Masters English Literature
Military/Community Service No
Campaign Phone 8087851237
Campaign Email
Campaign Twitter Handle @Dianne Hensley
I see very clearly that our government is controlled by corporations and not we the people...a good example is the inability for people to get information on alternative methods of disease prevention...big pharma is in our schools and has our kids on meds...
I would proactively write proposals that would educate and empower rather than exploit our citizens..I have great video resources i like sharing
I am opposed to the use of pesticides...
Definitely education and compassion....I believe emotional trauma in childhood leads to bad behaviors...nutritional programs might be helpful with regard to mental health...
Age 36
Campaign Phone 8087477680
Campaign Email
As a member of this community, I have seen firsthand how devastating the past few years have been on our economy. I am a small business owner who was able to navigate the trying times we went through, I took a stand and decided to run to give a voice to others like myself. I have a huge heart for our community and have spent many years volunteering. No problem is too big for the community to figure out together. My hopes are getting people more involved with bringing back constitutional values and education and forming citizen initiatives to allow for voices to be heard. I am not a Politian I am a concerned citizen willing to stand up.
When elected I would like to make our local governments more transparent and have harsher consequences for their actions. I also strongly believe in term limits for those who run for office. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Serving your country should never turn into a lifelong career.
I honestly believe we have bigger issues to deal with than climate change.
Step 1 should be giving law abiding citizen back their rights to defend their property and their neighbor's property. Castle laws work everywhere they have been implemented. Step 2 should be to introduce legislation creating harsher punishments for crimes committed. When there are little to no consequences to actions crime will always continue to grow. I also believe if a judge consistently releases repeat offenders there should be consequences for the judge. I would love to be counseled on the matter more and conduct community meetings to be able to come up with common sense solutions.
Age 72
Education 1966, National Science Foundation scholarship, Mathematics (University of Georgia), 1971, BS Industrial Engineering (Penn State), 1976, MS Systems Management (USC), 1996, Air War College (USAF)
Military/Community Service Military: Radar Intercept Officer, F4 Phantom Jet, USMC, Kaneohe MCAS; Weapons System Officer, F4 Phantom Jet, Hawaii Air National Guard, Hickam AFB; Civil Engineer, Headquarters, Hawaii National Guard; Detachment Commander, Humanitarian Assistance Project, Costa Rica. Community Service: Former President, Hawaii Orchard Island Estates Community Association; Former Board Member, Friends of Puna’s Future; Volunteer, O Ka`u Kakou and Friends of Hawaii National Park.
Campaign Phone (808)265-1659
Campaign Email
By one sense of the word, I am not a politician, because I have no desire to make politics a profession. My main reasons for running are to improve the way government functions to better serve the people, and give the voters a real choice. Both my formal education and the experience of working within a Department in the State of Hawaii have laid the foundation for implementing constructive change sorely need at all levels of government.
Ultimately I have no control over whether someone is corrupt or not. I can only ensure that I, personally, am not corrupt. To that end, I will strive to be the most “visible” public servant ever. By the way, “the appearance of corruption” is how someone perceives another person’s actions. Not only do I also have no control over that, just because an action appears corrupt in someone’s eyes doesn’t mean the action actually is corrupt.
Attempt to grease the skids for all alternate energy sources by loosening the control government exerts through cumbersome and restrictive regulation and oversight. Also work to decouple energy generation from energy distribution. By the way, 100 days is pretty much my first year in the Legislature. Perhaps the Legislature would get more done if the session lasted 200 days.
Bring our prisoners home. Have them help build a “tent” prison on Kahoolawe, if necessary. Reform the bail system to focus on repeat offenders. Require all prisoners to work, study or train. When they work, pay them a wage and keep 80% until they are released. Provide social services to those in need while incarcerated and after release. Focus on rehabilitation, not incarceration. Release all prisoners presently incarcerated solely for the consumption of illegal drugs. Reimplement capital punishment. Change “Arrested and Charged” in the local newspaper to “Tried and Convicted.”
Education JD- Univ of Calif Hastings College of Law BSc- Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas
Campaign Address PO Box 1675
Keaau, HI 96749
Campaign Phone (808) 935-6094
Campaign Email
I want to see through what I started: Helping chronic homeless by ensuring that there are Behavioral Health beds so that the mentally ill do not need to commit a crime to be treated; reform our Civil Asset Forfeiture law so that those whose assets are taken by the govt are those who have been convicted and not just those under suspicion. Of all candidates to this office, I believe I am the most qualified. In the wake of the Hibiscus drive shooting, I introduced a bill that would ensure that firearms are properly transferred upon death; and after the 2018 lava & covi19 crises, I ensured monies that Hawaii Island have monies to help with recovery- especially those hardest hit by the pandemic.
Ensure that the Attorney General has the tools it needs to enforce. As shown by the indictments, the laws are already in place to punish those who violate our trust but what is needed is enforcement. The public access room does a good job of trying to educate the public on how bills become law and how to participate by testifying and tracking bills but perhaps they should also show how to access campaign contribution reports of those legislators who are introducing/killing bills. Campaign reform is needed and to ensure enforcement it needs to be at a federal level to prevent those out of state from getting around state constraints like those we are seeing now in congressional races.
The covid19 crisis has shown that decreased commuter use has decreased pollution; and thus, has shown that fossil fuel use can be abated on a day-to-day basis. With increased use of teleconference\telehealth and other work-at-home ability, fossil fuel use can be abated and thus, slow climate change. I have promoted broadband use since I have been in office and in fact, my latest townhall was on broadband and telehealth use. We also need to ensure that an alternate fossil fuel source or tech use like cryptocurrency does not create a bigger carbon footprint than our existing sources
Hawaii has the highest non-violent crime incarceration in the country. Each year the legislature increases penalties in response to the public's demand for enforcement but what is really needed is more police to enforce and rapidly get detaineess through the legal system so the public sees rapid consequence. Jails should also not be the last resort for the mentally ill and an increase in behavioral health treatment beds is necessary. The Hawaii State Hospital's expansion opening was delayed for over a year after completion even though there is a huge demand for treatment beds.