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Hawaii US Representative, Dist 2

Duties: Representatives share responsibility with Senators for enactment of the nation s laws as provided for in the U.S. Constitution. They may also conduct investigations on issues of national importance. Laws that require payment of taxes are initiated in the House of Representatives. Representatives have the responsibility for determining whether a public official should be tried if accused of a crime.Areas Served: Kauai, Maui, and Hawai i Counties and northern and western OahuQualifications: Must be a U.S. citizen for at least 7 years; an inhabitant of Hawaii when elected; and at least 25 years of age.How Elected: The United States is divided into 435 Congressional districts that are reapportioned after each decennial census. All seats in the House of Representatives are up for election in every even-numbered year. Term: Two years, no term limit.Base Salary: $174,000; Speaker of the House - $223,500; Majority and Minority Leaders and President pro tempore of the Senate - $193,400

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    Michelle Rose TIPPENS

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What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing Hawaii due to climate change?

Age 44
Education Master's Degree in Administration of Justice and Security Systems, Bachelor's Degree in Crime and Justice Studies
Military/Community Service Counterintelligence Agent, US Army, 4.5 years
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone 808-202-3001
Campaign Mailing Address 120 Puueo St B109
Hilo, HI 96720
In Hawaii there are few options that are committed to pruning back our government and even fewer committed to reducing the overreach our current government has grown to enjoy. I chose to run for office to be the change I wanted to see in our government because I did not see an option committed to preserving and defending our Constitutionally recognized, creator granted, self-evident rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My qualifications include training and experience in: interdepartmental coordination/liason, recruitment of intelligence assets & developing support networks.
My top 2 goals in office are to address the Jones Act and reduce the federal budget. The Jones Act inflates the cost of living in Hawaii by over 30%, prevents Hawaii businesses from growing and keeps maritime jobs on the Continent. I would like to gain an exemption from the Jones Act for Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico. This would reduce shipping prices for everything, in turn reducing the cost of living and allowing our dollars to go farther. I plan to help reduce the federal budget by isolating programs that are failing or stagnant and eliminating them from the budget in stages, reducing taxes.
In the first 100 days of office I would address climate change by developing a plan to use rooftop space on all government buildings to place small footprint wind turbines which would backfeed to the power grid and offset everyone's power use and dependency on fossil fueled electric. I will also develop a plan to transition all public shower/toilet facilities to solar/wind power and adapt solar water heating for beach showers. I am committed to protecting our fragile island home. I will work alongside groups in Hawaii to make a plan that is: for Hawaii, by Hawaii.