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Hawaii Governor

Duties: The Governor’s authority is derived from Article V of the Constitution of the State of Hawai i. The Governor is the Chief Executive of the State of Hawai i and the highest state office in Hawai i. The Governor is responsible for enforcing laws passed by the Hawaii State Legislature and upholding the rulings of the state judiciary. The Governor is the commander-in-chief of the state’s armed forces and oversees all state departments. From a list of nominees submitted to the Governor by the Judicial Selection Commission, the Governor fills vacancies in the Supreme, Intermediate Appellate, and Circuit Courts.Qualifications: Must be a Hawai i resident for not less than 5 years immediately preceding the election, a registered voter of Hawai i, and at least 30 years of age.How Elected: In the primary election, Governor and Lieutenant Governor are each a separate contest. In the general election, Governor and Lieutenant Governor are voted for as a team by political party. Any nonpartisan candidates who would otherwise qualify as a candidate for Governor on the general election ballot, will not qualify unless there is a running mate in the form of a nonpartisan candidate for Lieutenant Governor, who has otherwise met the statutory requirements to appear on the general election ballot (Hawaii State Constitution, Article V, Sections 1 and 2).Term: Four years, limited to two consecutive terms.Base Salary (FY2022): $165,048

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    Keleionalani TAYLOR

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    Caleb K. NAZARA

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Education Licensed Minister; Early Childhood Educator (Hawaiian Language Preschool); Musician
Military/Community Service Previous Past President of Kona Hawaiian Civic Club
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Campaign Phone (808)756-0078
I am not a career politician. Technically, I may not be qualified "on paper", but I understand how government should operate according to God's standards; and I'm not talking about religion. I speak from the standpoint of the citizen, not the politician. I'm running for the office because the people of the State are never considered first in most political decisions. It's time for politics as usual to be dismantled and redirected to truth and integrity.
First, my goal is to promulgate character, integrity, and servanthood that every leadership position should emulate. This is done through my personal example and the selection of team members of like respects. Second, restructure budget spending starting with the full analysis of the entire state of Hawaii on all levels of government beginning with legislature. I would consider letting them experience the reality of what our citizens endure every single day as legislators and government leaders continue with high salaries at the expense of the taxpayer.
"The Citizen's First Act": Revoke/remove laws that enable County officials the ability to raise property taxes without public notice or consent.
I consider myself a servant leader and never afraid to jump in and help where necessary. I never let pressure make my decision for me. I make decisions based on desired results. I have very high standards, but I am not afraid to accept advice from others that have more knowledge than I in any particular area. I believe it's effective because no one person knows everything; and everyone should have the opportunity to exercise their gifts and talents for the benefit of everyone involved.