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City of Belen City CouncilThe city council is the legislative branch of the City of Belen. Passes ordinances and resolutions, controls finances and property, approves hiring and firing. Four members, elected at-large for four-year terms. Two positions are on the ballot.

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Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What do you believe is the most important issue the City of Belen should focus on in the next two years, and how would you address it?

What is your opinion of the concept of reallocating funding from police services to other services (e.g., specialists in mental health, social services, juvenile intervention)?

What strategy would you employ to solve the flood control challenges facing the City of Belen?

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Facebook Steven Holdman for Belen City Council
Qualifications for the office include 30+ years of mid to upper-level business experience in public, private, government, and nonprofit organizations. Responsibilities have included leadership roles in operations, purchasing, and warehouse supervision and dotted line responsibilities with sales, marketing, and engineering. Skills developed in problem solving, financial management, and team building will be helpful as a Council Member.
It is important to accomplish a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of the community, prioritizes the needs, and assures the plan is executed. The plan should include building a new water treatment plant that is necessary for continued growth of Belen; road improvements; drainage issues; boarded up buildings; and focus on neglected and nuisance properties. I would propose that the city hire a grant writer to capture funding that we are currently missing.
Crime is a major issue in Belen, and while those services are of value, I do not support reallocating funding from the police department to fund them. The police department is now back at full staff; an officer is assigned to the Region One Drug Task Force; and a citizen Police Advisory Committee is in place. These are positive steps to address crime in Belen. Instead of reducing funding, we need to make sure our police department has the funding needed to protect our community.
The city should continue to have discussions with Valencia County and other impacted municipalities to form a coalition to develop a comprehensive plan to address the issue and to attract attention from funding sources. While working on a permanent solution, Belen should explore a partnership with other municipalities and counties to develop a Flood Management Plan to address emergency response and identify equipment that can be shared when a flooding emergency occurs.
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Campaign Phone (505) 507-7680
Facebook @meganforbelen
Twitter @megansrustyrose
I’m the proud daughter of a Belen railroader. As a teacher and volunteer, I’ve worked hard for progress. Now I’m running to be a Belen City Councilor because Belen needs a strong advocate. In the many years I've worked in our city, I've seen how we make progress when we're working together. It takes all of us wanting to see a better and brighter future for our town, from the students we educate to the businesses we grow.
1. Support all local businesses, both small businesses and big industry because that brings the jobs and growth we need. Local businesses need improved roads and sidewalks and reliable water and sewer infrastructure. We must invest more so we see more growth.

2. Our culture is important. Historic and cultural preservation -- things like our Harvey House and annual World's Largest Matanza -- must be a top priority. Let's keep our unique Belen identity going strong.
Our community comes together in times of need. Belen is so fortunate to have amazing citizens who support each other when wells run out of water; when a pandemic causes businesses to struggle; when our Eagle students don’t have caps and gowns; when floods devastate homes, businesses and Our Lady of Belen’s cemetery; and when we need a helping hand in the hardest of circumstances. Our police keep the citizens safe; we need to find a healthy balance that supports both our police and other services
We must hold our elected officials accountable for a solution to flood control. Enough is enough. When state government is flush with surpluses and the federal government says they want to focus on infrastructure spending, there's no excuse why Belen can't get the money it needs for a permanent solution to flood control.
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Campaign Phone (505) 859-3171
I was a non- profit program administrator during my 35 year career, working specifically with individuals with disabilities, those that were homeless, as well as with offender release and drug rehabilitation programs. Grant development and oversight was a large part of my work.

I've represented the community on many non-profit boards during my career, including at least seven City of Belen related committees and I currently serve on Belen Police Advisory board.
We need a new Solid Waste Treatment Plant, we can’t grow, if you can’t go. I will work on seeking more infrastructure funding.

Crime is a top issue ( VOTE YES for a New Police Station) our Police Department has made great improvements in the last year, lets continue that positive direction by providing our Police Officers with the best tools and benefits possible, just as we should for all our City employees.  I’m committed to working with the Council on this.
Belen needs more funding for our Police Department not less. I'm in support of more funding for our Department. As a member of the Police Advisory Committee i see first hand what our challenges are. I do support seeking funds for much needed community support services, we don't have enough and we need to develop stronger community collaborations between the service organizations that do exist.
Get current projects done on time before next flood, get a longer term plan done and start immediately to seek funding.  The City is now moving setting flood control as a top priority and I intend to continue to pursue this.  I suggest hiring a professional adviser to help in future  planning and a City employee or volunteer that provides Flood Prevention Planning for homeowners/ businesses. Create a Citizens Flood Advisory Committee and a County Flood Advisory Board.
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