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Town of Peralta Mayor

Town of Peralta MayorThe mayor is the chief executive and administrator of the City and presides over council meetings. Votes only in case of a tie. Supervises appointed officers and employees. Four-year term.

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Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What do you believe is the most important issue the Town of Peralta should focus on in the next two years, and how would you address it?

What is your opinion of the concept of reallocating funding from police services to other services (e.g., specialists in mental health, social services, juvenile intervention)?

What do you think should be done to improve the quality of life in the Town of Peralta?

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Facebook Committee to Elect Christine Murphy for Mayor of Peralta
I am a long time resident of Peralta and raised my 4 children here. My grandchild attends school here in Peralta. I am concerned with many issues that face our community.

For over 20 years I was the manager in charge of a large dental clinic with a budget of over $1 million and led a staff of a dozen people. I'm a bookkeeper too, so I understand the checks and balances necessary to balance a budget.
Many residents have spoken to me about how they feel they have been treated at some council meetings. I want the community to feel as though they have a voice in decisions made for them. I want to see transparency in our town government.

The current administration is planning a community center and park, and I would love to see that project completed.
Public safety is vital in a small community. I want to encourage police presence by working closely with the Bosque Farms Police Department. I am against "de-funding" of the police department. At this point all the funding needs to go to the police department; however, if grants can be obtained to expand services, mental health, social services and juvenile intervention should be addressed.
Water protection is an important issue we face. I would encourage more residents to hook up to the waste water system being implemented.

Small businesses should be encouraged to look at our town to grow their business while keeping the rural setting that many of our residents enjoy.

Fireworks is an important issue with many of our town's residents With the drought conditions we constantly face, I would like to see “Safe and Sane” ordinances passed for fireworks.
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