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Ciudad Soil & Water Conservation Board Supervisor 3

The Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) promotes the conservation, improvement, and responsible use of the natural resources on the 918,000 acres of rural and urban lands within its boundaries in Bernalillo and southern Sandoval Counties. Responsibilities include control and prevention of soil erosion, prevention of sediment and floodwater damage, furthering the conservation, development, beneficial application and proper disposal of water. The Ciudad SWCD governing board is composed of five supervisors, elected for four-year terms.

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What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What do you believe is the most important issue the Soil and Water District should focus on and how would you address it?

What strategies would you employ to deal with what is called a “mega-drought”?

How do you think communication about district service could be improved?

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I have served as a supervisor at Ciudad SWCD since 2008. I’ve been a champion of reuse, recycle, regenerate and serious about conservation since the late’60’s. I haven’t missed but a couple of meetings in 12+ years. I was a market farmer and practiced organic gardening for many years at my, and my husband’s, EcoStep Farm in the South Valley.
Pursuing funding and working toward a mill levy for the District so that we can get even more done in the interest of educating the public about soil health, water availability, fire suppression and helping both public and private property owners create defensible space around their built structures. Also preparation for post fire regeneration by having seeds and seedlings available.Since we are currently grant driven, funding is not provided for promoting the District, paying for audits etc.
Mega drought? How about mega climate change? Let’s not forget the soil aspect of the District. Healthy soil is imperative in using, keeping and conserving both soil and water. Soil and water conservation districts were born out of the Dust Bowl to assist in avoiding a repeat of that disaster. Working with Mother Nature against hard circumstances is what we do, mega drought or not.
Having a mill levy would provide funding for better communication by allowing compensation for time spent by our tiny staff to create quality media, literature and a greater presence in the District and on social media to inform the public of who we are and what services we can provide. Meanwhile, check out our website
My Bachelors degree is in Biology/Ecology. I have been interested and passionate about all living things my whole life. I have been in animal husbandry ( human) as a practicing physician my whole career. During that time I have owned and operated a llama farm, have been an avid gardener and orchardists. I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, hiking camping, exploring and bow hunting when I can get a permit. I have run a small business for many years.
I would say visibility. It seems the District flies under the radar except in certain circles, and the important work they do should be known about and accessible to everyone.
If the basis of this mega-drought mess in climate change and global warming, we should direct our efforts there. Everything the district does is on the right track and helpful, but we are falling behind because o f burning carbon and over-population.
Re-Vamp the budget and fundraising directing more toward education and motivation.