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The University of New Mexico – Los Alamos Advisory Board members are elected county-wide. All voters in Los Alamos County will vote for all open positions on the UNM-LA Advisory Board. Only three of the five board positions have openings this year.

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    Laura Charlotte Woodring

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    Lee G. Weinland

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    Charles F. McCullough

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What are your goals in running for UNM-LA Advisory Board?

How should UNM-LA balance technical certification training versus academic programs?

How are issues like dual credit for high school students and the free tuition plan affecting UNM-LA?

What is the principal issue you foresee for UNM-LA and how would you approach it?

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My goals are to advocate for all students, support more practical programs to serve the local economy in Los Alamos and to increase community outreach.
I think UNM-LA should work towards supporting students in both programs by looking at student and teacher retention and exploring the strengths and weaknesses of both programs.
My parents were both educators and instilled in me the importance of a higher education. I believe all students should have the opportunity towards having a college education. As a community, we should look towards ways of being able to provide all students a low cost or free education.
I see the principal issue facing UNM-LA is finding a way to support students in technical certification programs. I believe that there needs to be more outreach within the community to work with local businesses in getting students jobs in technical fields.
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I am vitally interested in the future of UNM LA as community resource and a valuable asset in Los Alamos. As a parent of a graduate student at UNM LA, I was quite dismayed when the four-year program she had planned on here was summarily disposed of and forced us to transfer her to the main campus for the balance of her undergraduate classes. I am highly interested in exploring the possibilities of re-initializing at least a few more of these 4-year programs to keep more of our kids at home.
I believe the Advisory Board can really help with this task by doing some analysis and research as to the efficacy and value of these programs. This is the kind of work I love and would really love to dive into the process. There are many other successful schools we can bench mark the data from and then compare it to our own local demographics to come up with workable solutions and models to create this balance. It’s really all about what the needs are and what resources can we muster.
Dual credit for HS students is a proven and effective way to steer local kids toward a comfortable transition to college and give them a leg up on other kids when they graduate especially in our academically minded community. And conversely, I’ve seen it give a dose of reality to kids who thought they should go to college but then realized they might be better suited in a trade school environment instead. Free tuition is an outstanding idea. I will work to make them both happen. (more on this)
Covid. The pandemic(s) are here to stay and we must adapt all of our teaching, administration, and growth plans to fit the ever-changing balance surrounding college education today and on into the future. I had previously dreamed of seeing UNM LA grow with new buildings and glorious academic programs. But currently, I am sure we need to move forward carefully and with prudence to ensure that we can at least maintain our current excellent level of local collegiate experience.
Campaign Phone (505) 980-5261
UNM-LA is an underrated treasure in Los Alamos that has for years offered an excellent choice for students seeking an affordable beginning to advanced education, technical certification, or return to the workforce. I bring experience with higher education, serving on boards of various organizations, and a heart for helping people to the task of building up an already successful university, serving as a positive bridge between community and institution, and supporting recruitment and retention.
Both are essential for UNM-LA. Certification programs that appeal to practical, “hands-on” education build discipline and confidence in students and give them an immediate competitive edge in the workforce. High-quality general education courses are a classic function of the university, developing critical thinking as well as qualitative skills and broader social awareness. Maintaining a healthy balance of both is a high return investment for the university and the community.
Dual-credit courses are something of a double-edged sword. Providing an excellent (and free) opportunity for high school students, such courses expose them to the college experience and result in transferable credits on a UNM transcript. However, dual-credit courses create a fiscal burden for UNM-LA. Lengthy delays in reimbursement and the complexities of the funding formula create a budget stressor not readily resolved. Finding a way to make this work for student and school is a worthy goal.
Budget concerns, dual-credit courses--real issues to be addressed in thoughtful, proactive ways. Another issue is one of perception; i.e., the way UNM-LA is perceived in the community. Retention and recruitment will be enhanced by enabling the community to see this institution as THE affordable, close to home, high-quality instruction, stepping stone to the next level of education or employment, a great fit for many of our students. I will be engaged and invested, promoting this view of UNM-LA.