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Los Alamos Public School Board Dist 1

The Los Alamos Public School Board elections are districted into five voting districts, although only four districts have openings this year. Voters only choose board members from their own district. To determine your LAPS voting district, go to and click on the “Find My Registration and Election Information” box. Fill in the requested information and all your voting information including your School Board District will be displayed.

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    Ellen Beth Specter

Biographical Information

What qualities will you be looking for in the next superintendent?

What policies, if any, should the school board pursue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on school properties?

What is your position on vaccination and mask mandates and why?

Public Schools navigate the needs of different stakeholders. As a school board member how would you prioritize the needs and wants of various groups?

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For the next superintendent, I am looking for an Educator who has experience managing a district that is similar in size, budget and expectations for excellence in how we educate our students. The next superintendent will need to be committed to student and staff wellness and demonstrate their commitment to educating the whole child as well as inclusion and celebration of all of our diverse students, staff and parents.
Reducing carbon emissions is vital. If solar panels become economically feasible in the near future, I would like to see new building projects and renovations include them as well as other energy saving measures like purchasing electric vehicles. Energy audits at LAPS are robust, and many changes have already been made. For example, almost all lightbulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs.
I believe mask mandates are an essential safety measure during this stage of the pandemic. They add an important layer of protection, especially for young unvaccinated children. Vaccination rates are outstanding among LAPS staff and very good among eligible students. Eventually, Covid-19 vaccination requirements should be required much like measles, mumps, tetanus and other common vaccines. In my opinion, only medical exemptions should be allowed. This is a public health and safety issue.
We are in the business of educating children. The first question on every decision should be, "Is this good for the students?" Next, each issue must viewed through the lens mental health. "How will this affect student and staff wellness?" Equity is another important factor. However, the needs of other stakeholders like parents, community partners and others must also be considered. Finally, after needs have been met, we can consider the wants.