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Las Cruces School Board District 3

Las Cruces Public Schools consists of 26 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 7 high schools. The Board of Education meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and sets policies that govern the District . School Board meetings are televised live and then rebroadcast on CLC-TV channel 20 on the following Saturday at 7:00 a.m. The Board hires a Superintendent to implement and enforce policies. Board members are elected to nonpartisan, 4-year staggered terms. School Board members serve without pay. Website:

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    Eloy Francisco Macha Camborda

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    Robert Wofford

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What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Las Cruces Public Schools?

Do you think funding should be expanded for multicultural education in public schools? Explain.

How would you change the priorities of the school district as reflected in the district's budget?

What changes, if any, would you propose to support online learning?

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Strengths of Las Cruces Public Schools lie in our community leaders, our parents and our educators as they have stepped up over the years to help, assist and provide ideas to organically improve our School District. Weaknesses in the Las Cruces Public Schools is the diversion of limited resources from the Academic Success of our Students, which is felt in our classrooms. In addition, our PTO/PTAs, Parent/Educator partnerships and Community involvement have greatly diminished over the years.
Our Las Cruces community is, has been, and will continue to be a multi-ethnic community. In part of this great heritage, our community welcomes all born here and abroad with open arms. Our School District's focus is to provide equal opportunities of education to all of our community's Students. Prioritization and focus of our limited resources needs to be for the Academic Success of our students. Our Arts and History program electives in cultural education would be a subsequent priority.
A primary goal of our School District is to ensure our Students are provided the adequate resources for their Academic Success. This translates to ensuring existing Academic programs and those that enhance our Student's Academic Success, such as Gifted Programs, Magnet Programs, Trade/Vocational Programs and similar, are properly funded. Our classrooms are our educational frontline - the majority of our School District's budget needs to be represented and felt in our classrooms.
LCPS needs to adopt proven technologies in support of both distance and online learning, which include modernizing our school facilities to enhance a hybrid education delivery model, and that of training our educators in both distance and online learning teaching methodologies. LCPS needs to provide to our students pre-recorded class sessions, smaller online classes, and enhanced online interactions, including gamification of education.
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Strengths: The perseverance of educators, families, and volunteers dedicated to providing students with opportunities to succeed by inspiring curiosity, nurturing imaginations, and instilling a love of learning. Weaknesses: Our schools need to be adequately staffed and resourced. They must address the whole student—their social, mental and physical health and nutrition requirements and their academic needs. Our students need access to engaging materials, up-to-date technology and approaches.
Absolutely. We have a proud heritage in New Mexico, emerging from the indigenous people here for countless generations, to those who came to settle this land. We need to embrace our linguistic and cultural differences and recognize that our shared values are strengthened by our diverse backgrounds. We need to talk honestly about our histories and fully fund practices and programs designed to deepen our understanding. I welcome the opportunity to address this as a school board member.
We must direct American Rescue Plan money to where our students need it most, including additional staffing, safe facilities, and up-to-date technology; invest in community schools which integrate health and social needs into the schools involve parents, students, and educators; work to address educator shortages through effective mentoring, manageable class sizes, and wage increases to improve recruitment and retention; and review the budget focused on our goal: student success and well being.
We need to continue to improve access to technology and high speed wi-fi for students, families, and staff. LCPS has an excellent Virtual Learning Academy, but we need to add staffing, training, and planning time to appropriately design and support online learning for all classes. We need to reduce class sizes and add tutoring to increase individualized attention and keep students fully engaged, integrating safe face to face and online learning.