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Village of Los Ranchos has a mayor and four village trustees who are elected to the board for staggered four-year terms. The trustees serve as the legislative body for the community.

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Q1: What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

Q2: What is your top priority and how do you plan to address it?

Q3: How should this priority be funded?

Q4: What is your opinion on the expansion of commercial activity on Fourth Street?

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I know why people choose to live in the Village of Los Ranchos. The people are diverse, the open spaces are beautiful, and the agriculture keeps us connected to the land. The Village belongs to all of us and not to special interests organizations. We must come together when we can to move forward. I listen to new ideas and give people a voice. I understand the value of our local businesses. BS: UNM, MS: Stanford University, Licensed Prof. Engineer, Project Manager, Planning&Zoning Commissioner
My top project priority is to continue with the revitalization of 4th street. I will work with the mayor & trustees to build upon the work that has been done. I will be guided by the master plan, the voices of our residents, and the concerns of our local businesses. The design and process can be improved by considering lessons learned. My top civil priority is to value our diverse population. I will give people a voice, promote inclusive events, and improve access to our benefits.
Grants and revenues generated from commercial activity. We should consider businesses and people that want to give back to the village by sponsoring improvements to facilities such as the Village barn and the Agri-nature center.
Commercial activity is our financial life blood. We do not want big box stores but we do welcome pedestrian friendly businesses and other consumer businesses that allow our residents to spend their money within the Village. A new park along 4th street, North of Ranchitos, would be a nice balance. We need to reach out to the growers in the Village and facilitate the sale of agricultural products (beyond the Grower's Market). The master plan is our guide.
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Campaign Phone (505) 681-4036
I am a current member of the state ofNew Mexico Board of Landscape Architects, I am a past member of the Los Ranchos Planning and Zoning Commission, and I am a past president of the Xeriscape Council of New Mexico. Aside from my experience on boards and commissions I work on development plans and master plans for lands of public organizations and agencies like the village of Los Ranchos, the other city, state and federal agencies which gives me insights that can help with laws and regulations.
My top priority is to help Los Ranchos continue to develop in quality ways that respect our people, our land, and our government. I will work to provide ethical, moral, and environmentally and financially sustainable direction and to tailor my decisions towards the common good in these areas.
These priorities should be funded through grants, legislative actions, gross receipts taxes and watchful spending which capitalizes on quality. I believe we should be able to pay for our actions as we would at home with fiscal responsibility and pinpointed projects.
Fourth Street was improved physically, but not economically. I think Fourth Street, which I designed, needs to be assisted with incentive programs like tax free money to encourage existing businesses to flourish and succeed. I also believe that the right new businesses should be assisted through similar programs. I do not believe that we can just build, we need programs that build better businesses.
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