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Santa Fe Public School Board Member District 3

The Santa Fe Board of Education consists of five members elected to four-year terms. Candidates must live in the boundaries of the school district and be qualified electors of the state.

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What are the two or three best ways to improve district schools?

How would you allocate the increased funds coming from the federal government?

How can the board foster the recruiting and retention of teachers with full credentials?

What programs or approaches, if any, should be developed to raise the graduation rate?

Campaign Phone (917) 721-5977
Schools underpin our society and our future; investing in them pays off. The best way to improve schools is by increasing pay. We need to make this priority clear to our Governor and Legislators. We can further address the school staffing crisis by embracing bold recruitment, retention, and talent development strategies. We should also develop strong wraparound support with community resources, like health clinics, and continue adding to in-school services to help children and families thrive.
SFPS’s plan for allocation of stimulus funds was presented at the Aug 12 School Board meeting. The plan was developed after hearing from about 3,500 community members, most of them parents. Funds will be used to address pandemic learning loss, with a variety of academic supports for students. The funds will also provide retention stipends for staff members who have worked through the pandemic, a critically beneficial use of these funds.
Increasing pay is the most significant factor in recruiting and retaining great teachers. We should also look at paying people while they get their teaching credentials. We must continually strengthen the support and mentorship for new teachers to effectively develop and retain talent. SFPS is also considering child care for staff, partnerships to provide housing, social and emotional wellness support, stronger community appreciation, and educator recognition programs.
The Santa Fe Pubic Schools’ graduation rate rose to 86.3% for the 2019-20 school year. This is a strong increase from 78.1% the previous year. Much of this is the result of individualized support provided for each and every student. We need to continue this work, identifying students’ needs and gaps as early as possible, often before senior year, and helping students with credit recovery and other solutions to get everyone to graduation day.