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USD 231 Gardner Edgerton District 2 BOE

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    John Brandon Parks

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How would you suggest your school district address diversity issues for the most positive outcome?

With the recent pandemic, what technology or innovative changes do you envision for the district?

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Personal Biography I am a former teacher of 10 years with experience working with kids from grades 6-12 teaching a variety of subjects. I stepped into this role as a Board Member because I believe in public education and saw an opportunity to continue to help our district provide the best possible education for all of our students.
Education BA in History with an emphasis in Secondary Education from Washburn University and a Masters in History from Pittsburg State University
Community/Public Service I have served 2 years on the current Board of Education.
1. Help find ways to continue to provide teachers competitive compensation .and proper resources for effective instruction (even as our budget gets tighter) so that our students will receive the best possible education. 2. Explore options for a potential new elementary school to relieve pressure off our buildings which are already over capacity and look ahead at our middle schools and high schools to begin planning for the inevitable need for expansion there as well. 3. Help build trust between the district and both staff and the community. This has been a tough couple of years and I think it's important that we work to move forward together as a single school community.
I worked for 10 years in the classroom, so I have a deep understanding of the struggles teachers face and how decisions made by the board can impact what happens for our students and staff in the classroom.
As with most things, I think education is the key. The majority of diversity issues stem from misunderstandings and a lack of information or exposure. Any chance to bring light to a diversity issue and to educate all parties involved gives the best chance for a positive result.
I hope to see more flexible scheduling and student-centered learning activities. I think this pandemic has presented the educational system as a whole with an opportunity to rethink how school works. I know education is slow to change, and for legitimate reasons. I'm not suggesting this change should happen overnight, but I think there is a real opportunity to rethink our traditional bell schedule so that students can spend more time getting the help they need on subjects that are challenging and less time on subjects that they've mastered. I also think this is an opportunity to allow students the chance to take more ownership over their learning and help guide them in the creation of projects which incorporate several subjects together, giving them opportunities for real-world planning and problem-solving, regardless of their post-secondary plans.