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Roeland Park Council Ward 2

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    Jen Hill

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What do you believe are the three critical projects or initiatives that will move your city/district forward?

What skills, expertise, experience, or competencies qualify you for this position?

How will you address diversity issues in your city?

What specific actions should your city take or continue to insure affordable housing is available?

What do you believe is the ideal relationship between your city and the state government?

Do you support tax incentives in order to bring business to your city?

Personal Biography Jen Hill is a mother, an educator, and a public servant who prioritizes giving back to her community. She values diversity, equity, and inclusion, while priding herself on maintaining open communication with all residents.
Campaign Phone (816) 536-5029
Education Master's Degree in Educational Technology from MidAmerica Nazarene University English For Speakers Of Other Languages Certification from K-State (PreK-12) Bachelor of Science in Education--English from SMU (6-12) St. Mary's High School, Independence, MO
Community/Public Service Incumbent Ward 2 City Council Member in the City of Roeland Park Community Engagement Liaison, Arts Committee Liaison, Sustainability Committee Liaison, Parks Committee Liaison, City Council President (2020) Life-long educator (27 years)
The top three critical project necessary to propel Roeland Park forward are: 1. Business Development-- Encouraging new business while maintaining the current businesses will ensure a thriving community while lowering the dependency for income from Property Taxes.

2. Complete Streets Concept-- Enabling safe passageways through our city, encouraging alternate transportation methods, and protecting residents is critical for our future development.

3. Racial Equity and Climate Awareness-- Providing safe and equitable opportunities, education, employment, and recreation for residents are critical components important to the people of Roeland Park, as well as, working toward creating a safer and healthier environment.
Jen Hill's work ethic, leadership, and communication from her twenty-seven years as an educator has equipped her to handle any situation she encounters. Her voting history has proven that she will do the right and just thing in any situation, even when it requires her to put herself on the line. Her strong ethics place her in situations where she bases her decisions on the needs of others.
Roeland Park has been a leader in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) in the state of Kansas with the first Non-discrimination Ordinance in Northeast Johnson County, which was improved upon last year through the inclusion of a Conversion Therapy Ban on minor children. During my term on council, the city has begun identifying racially restrictive covenants within the housing deeds and begun removing them, as well as dedicating financial and legal support for victims, through the NDO. I was a member of the Police Policy Review team who combed through each policy to determine equitable measures for all residents and visitors. I also helped create and voted in favor of a Protecting Public Safety and Community Resources Act which provides safety measures for undocumented residents while ensuring the City's police have time and resources to protect our community. As a Community for All Ages Gold level city, we shall continue to advocate for all residents and visitors.
Much work has already been done toward researching housing related issues and concerns. I believe one of the nexts steps toward ensuring affordable housing is to create opportunities for housing types that are currently not available in Roeland Park such as mixed-use properties and medium density housing (duplexes and multiple unit facilities). We are currently addressing the issues of tear-downs as they relate specifically to our city. We want people to be able to grow within their homes in Roeland Park, without changing the charm, character, and environment of our city.
Local control is the best method of governing municipalities; coupled with strong working relationships with our state representatives. Roeland Park has demonstrated its ability to be fiscally responsible while gaining numerous budget awards. Our partnerships with our State Representatives and Senators is shown though the continued work and frequent reports at City meetings.
While we want to bring business to Roeland Park, we also want to protect our residents by strategically planning for success. Our future developments much bring positive financial impact to the city, not take from the tax base. The Sunflower Medical Office building is a perfect example of setting a city up for success. We were able to lay out specific guidelines which resulted in a beautifully designed and quickly constructed building which was immediately occupied, thus creating career jobs for people and important services offered for residents. This intentional planning must be present in all future developments to ensure a thriving community in our landlocked city.