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Prairie Village Council Ward 4

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    Dave Robinson

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What do you believe are the three critical projects or initiatives that will move your city/district forward?

What skills, expertise, experience, or competencies qualify you for this position?

How will you address diversity issues in your city?

What specific actions should your city take or continue to insure affordable housing is available?

What do you believe is the ideal relationship between your city and the state government?

Do you support tax incentives in order to bring business to your city?

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Personal Biography My wife and I have lived in Prairie Village since we graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 1981. We raised four sons and sent them all through the SM School District. We live here because of all the wonderful things that make our city a great place to raise a family. Great housing, safe developed tree lined neighborhoods, great schools, central location, parks, community pool and services, local merchants, and more.
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Education BS, Computer Science, NWMSU MBA, Rockhurst University
First is our support toward controlling the spread of Covid. Getting back to a better normal is paramount to all people.

Second is to assure that the fundamentals of city services are fully funded and operating at an optimal level. These areas include public safety, road and city maintenances, local ordinance enforcement, and overall fiscal health. With all of these areas being properly addressed and functioning well, the city can focus attention to new initiatives that support our communities and enhance the lives of residents and local businesses.

Third issue would be support for the ideals outlined in the Village Vision 2.0 Plan. This document is well prepared and outlines specific focal points and guidance for the city to follow over the next several decades. Using this plan and the underlying vision, I believe the city will make good decisions on issues related to future growth and development while preserving the image and qualities that make Prairie Village a great place t
I am at a point in my life where I wish to do more volunteer work and share my experience where possible. I retired after working 40 years in the Information Technology Industry, the last 25 years in several corporate executive roles. Managing and overseeing technology operations is essentially a service centric role. My career success and my teams’ success depended on being able to work together with people who had diverse backgrounds, personalities, goals, and opinions. My motto was “we will be successful if we work hard, work smart, and work together”. Our City Council Members require the commitment and skills.

I have a degree in Math and Computer Science and a Master’s in Finance and Business, all which can also be beneficial towards this role.
I will support initiatives and issues that address diversity and fight against any form of discrimination. Prairie Village has a Diversity Task Force in place so there is a focus on the issue and a means by which to get thoughtful ideas and discussions directly to the City Council.
Tough question. My first response would be another question as to what people define as “affordable housing”. Is it the ability for seniors to continue to live in the home they have owned for many years? Or is it the ability of standard wage earners who work within the community to be able to afford local housing? Or is there another definition? In any case, it is a struggle against market forces that drive housing and rental costs in desirable areas. This situation is very evident within Prairie Village.

As a homeowner for forty years, I have experienced the impact of rising property values and resulting county and city taxes that far outpaced my income growth. Higher property valuations should not be a windfall to city and county tax collections. There should be controls in place to assure that tax rates reflect expected growth in inflation and spending consistent with the overall economy, household income levels, and fiscal planning. Any decisions by the city council th
In a word: Teamwork. But the interests in our state are greatly diversified. Rural communities don’t necessarily share the interest of larger urban populations, and vice versa. I would trust that the state recognizes that the cities and towns have the closer relationship with their citizens. As such they can best support and care for their interests. Likewise, I would trust that we all recognize the state’s relationship with us all as well as our country, and as such understand the state’s responsibility to govern as a whole.
In general terms, no. Prairie Village is a great place with a strong city government and fiscal record. As such, I see strong demand for new businesses wanting to locate, establish, and build in the city. Given the attraction of Prairie Village, I don’t believe that tax incentives are necessary today to attract or retain businesses. There is plenty of local opportunity and if a business wishes to move to the city, I will trust that they have done the due diligence and have a business plan that will make them successful. On another point, it may be necessary to attract a very specific interest or rebalance to benefits citizens, so it should stay open for discussion.