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    Marge Vogt

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How will you address diversity issues in your city?

What specific actions should your city take or continue to insure affordable housing is available?

What do you believe is the ideal relationship between your city and the state government?

Do you support tax incentives in order to bring business to your city?

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Personal Biography Marge is a 28 year resident of Olathe. She and her husband, Tom, along with her two sons, chose Olathe has their home after spending over 20 years as a military family in the United States Army. It was the military family experience that requires immediate leadership when relocated to a new military base that set the stage for her leadership in her forever community, Olathe. Marge's "day job" as a nurse practitioner brings a health perspective to her governance addressing Quality of Life.
Campaign Phone (913) 269-0625
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Campaign Web Site http://vogt4olathe
Education BS Nursing MS Nursing
Community/Public Service Olathe City Council Member, Ward 4 Internal Auditor Liaison to the Council Mahaffie Board Foundation Olathe Arts Alliance MidAmerica Regional Council (Past Chair) - current Board Member National Association of Regional Councils (Past Chair) current Board Member
1) The Santa Fe/I-35 interchange reconfiguration and redevelopment of the corridor stretching from Ridgeview to Mur-Len must be addressed. This will help to improve safety, mobility and economic opportunity for all users within the corridor. 2) The completion of the Downtown Library and continued revitalization of the Downtown area is essential. Great strides have been made over the past 5 years in redevelopment of downtown. Yet, there is much to be done. The Downtown Library, as promised to our citizens, will add to the quality of life in Olathe and momentum for continued development of businesses and varied housing. 3) We must continue to focus on good planning practices that will ensure quality of life for our residents. It is important that we look for greater diversity in housing options that are financially attainable addressing all price points and housing types.
It has been my privilege to represent the citizens of Ward 4. A hallmark of my leadership is based on citizen participation with a vision to ensure a healthy community, now and for the future, focusing on quality of life, safety, fiscal stability and economic opportunity for all. We have seen tremendous growth in Olathe over the past 20 years which continues to be nationally noted many times over as being one of the best and “happiest” communities in which to live. Direction Finders, our citizens survey, finds that 73% of our population are satisfied with the value they receive for their tax dollars, ranking in the top 10% in the nation. Olathe is recognized as #1 in the nation for overall satisfaction with city services. Actions speak louder than words and my accomplishments speak for themselves. However, I will not rest on those laurels but continue to ever improve on our successes and provide sustainability for the future.
I am proud to say that Olathe is one of the most diverse and inclusive communities in Olathe. Throughout my tenure on the Council, one of the goals has been to embrace our diversity and provide for inclusivity. It is important that the diversity of Olathe is reflected in the appointments made on our Boards, Commissions and Committees. Olathe is the only city in Johnson County that has a Human Relations Commission. In 2020, with their recommendation, the Council help pass the Non-Discrimination Ordinance that addressed the LGBTQ community. We continue to support various cultural events within our community. An example of such events is the annual Martin Luther King Celebration. Another current example, Know Your Neighbor, is a recent initiative to celebrate the varied cultures in our community.
The Council is currently engaged in discussion on how to address affordable/accessible housing. Diverse Housing and Quality Neighborhoods is a goal in our Olathe 2040 Future Rady Strategic Plan. Our involvement in the Johnson County Housing Study has provided an insight into housing needs and some strategies to accomplish the goal of affordable/accessible housing. It will involve implementing tools that allow for public/private partnerships, rehabilitation of existing attainable housing, and increasing the number of middle density housing types (i.e., cluster housing). There are many more tools to be considered to accomplish the goal of increasing affordable/accessible housing.
No doubt the city and state government must work together to support intrastate infrastructure needs and assist in attracting desirable businesses and jobs. However, with that said, I am proponent of local control as I believe that the governing body closest to its citizens have the greatest knowledge about the needs of their community and have the welfare and success of their citizens, who are directly affected, in mind when decisions are made.
Tax incentives can be a valuable tool to draw desirable businesses to Olathe that provide good paying jobs and increase our tax base thereby taking the tax burden off the homeowner. Additionally, these businesses assist in paying for transportation infrastructure to accommodate growth in our community. However, before any incentives are made, there must be a thorough analysis to ensure that there is a positive return on the investment being made by the city. This tool, used primarily for commercial business, may also be valuable in addressing affordable/accessible housing needs.