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USD 469 Lansing Unexpired Term BOE

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What is your experience with the school district and why do you want to serve.

What is the most important issue facing the district in the next 4 years.

What are the budget problems in the district and how will you address it.

How do envision recruiting the best personnel to the district.

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Personal Biography I grew up in a small rural town in Illinois. I graduated from Illinois State with a scholarship through ROTC. I was commissioned a 2LT in the US Army. I rose to the level of Colonel over a 30 year period. The military brought our family to Lansing, our two children graduated LHS and are both thriving at highly selective universities. I am invested in the children and youth of this community. I love to visit National Parks and sing karaoke. Travel is so important; it is transformational.
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Education MA in History, University of Illinois Springfield; BS in Education & School Administration Certificate, Illinois State University; 30 years of military Commissioned Officer Professional Development Education, Joint Inspector General Course; Continuing Education Archeology Field School, University of Virginia and College of William & Mary
Community/Public Service ●School Site Council member, Elementary/High School/District level, USD469 ●Church Council Chair, First United Methodist Church, Leavenworth ●Musician, First United Methodist Church Leavenworth Praise Team ●Board Member, Lansing Community Library ●Sponsor, church youth group, Sunday school teacher and camp counselor for special needs adults ●Sponsor, mission work Appalachia Service Project, Canyonlands, City Union Mission, Kitchen Angels ●Leader, Girl Scouts of the USA in Lansing since 2005 ●Board Member, Friends of the Frontier Army Museum, Fort Leavenworth, KS ●Board Member, River City Community Players, Leavenworth *Lifetime Girl Scout, Leader for over 20 years, and mentored 10 Girls to achieve Girl Scout Gold Award (Eagle Scout Equivalent), GS's Highest award
cellphone 913-297-4272
I am running for Lansing School Board because I have recent knowledge of our schools, working inside them for the past 16 years as a volunteer, Site Council leader, Lifetime Girl Scout, and Substitute teacher. I know some things that need to be fixed. I am invested in the children and youth of this community and I continue to mentor youth and young adults. School Boards set the VISION of a district. The example we model for our CHILDREN prepares them to ENGAGE their world with STRENGTH, a competitive EDUCATION and RESPONSIBILITY. My honor to help with VISION and ACADEMIC FOCUS, additionally, Lansing along with all schools in our state are in a KESA cycle (Kansas Education Systems Accreditation). Covers Academic challenge along with Developing SELF-AWARENESS & SELF-MANAGEMENT in our students. I want to be a community member who supports public education by analysis, researching, problem-solving, and exhibiting responsible leadership to benefit student learning.
We need a strategic long-range plan that will cultivate an environment that motivates students. I want to promote excellence, through selecting and retaining dynamic Staff and Curriculum, to inspire student growth beyond the walls of Lansing High School and on to success in College or the Trades. Conditions will always be present to influence the mission of teaching and learning, board members have to stay focused and bring all decisions back to student learning. Healthy leadership is vital to the educational environment. The School Board establishes clear vision in order to effectively manage the details of creating the facilities and allocating the resources (through fiscal responsibility) to establish that culture that enables the educational professionals to develop staff and to teach students and carry out the learning process - so students learn what they need to thrive, contribute to society, and live fulfilling lives. Process and results.
Our district has had some major construction projects happening over the past 14 years with a new elementary school, a new high school, and repurposing two school sites to serve other educational functions. There was efficiency in some of these moves, though one building stayed empty for a few years until it was decided it would be turned into a fourth and fifth grade intermediate school. Building an enormous high school outfitted with the newest of sports fields and swimming facility was expensive and asked a lot from our taxpaying community members. Since 2005, this district has seen leadership of three superintendents. Communication was not always the best between the school district and the community and I believe is still a challenge, and the example of letting a building that was district property go unused for a time strained public trust of school leadership. Maintenance is currently a major budget concern. When elected, I will listen, research, collaborate, communicate.
An organization recruits the best quality personnel when they treat staff members with respect and give them autonomy to inspire their students and grow into effective professionals to find satisfaction in their work as well as motivating achievement in their students. Quality superintendents and principals should serve as mentors to their employees through their leadership. They should document significant events (positive and negative), keep memorandums, a professional journal, personnel files should be complete, accurate and recent. There should be an ongoing dialogue between administrators and staff, which includes performance, development and leadership goals and future promotion opportunities. Competitive pay is important, but solid leadership serves the morale of an organization and makes employees feel important as an essential part of the school culture. That creates loyalty to the mission of educating children and inspiring them to find their purpose.
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