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Biographical Information

What is the biggest issue your city faces and how will you address it.

What needs more funding to adequately meet the needs of our city? How will you pay for it?

What is your position on tax increment finance and other incentives to attract businesses?

What will you do to reduce crime in the city

What will you do to ensure there is affordable housing in the city, even for our low-income residents?

Personal Biography I graduated from Bonner Springs High School in 1979. I was in the active Marine Corp Reserves for 6 years. My wife Amy and I have been married for 39 years, we have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. I have been in fire service for 41 years, 34 paid and continue to be an active volunteer.
Campaign Address 1808 162ND ST
Campaign Phone (913) 909-0204
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Education AAS KCK Community College, Bachelor of Public Administration Park College
Community/Public Service Volunteer Firefighter 20 years
phone (mobile) 913-909-0204
telephone 913-909-0204
campaignwebsite None
Taxes are continually increasing even though the city's population is growing and the incoming people are purchasing newly built homes that start at the upper $200k. Evaluations are also increasing. Local government I believe see this as a windfall. I would vote no to additional taxes.

A majority of the council recently voted for a CID tax for an incoming commercial area. This is an additional tax for the citizens of Basehor. This development is a 12 million dollar project, This additional tax will collect 3 million for the developer. What happened to the idea that the developer would make their profit by renting or selling storefronts?
Some of Basehor's streets are narrow and have an overlay that does not support large trucks for example trash trucks.The question states, "how will you pay for it." Just not me but all the taxpayers of Basehor will have to pay. With in a short walking distance of my home there are approximately 40 homes that have been built and occupied in the past year. More are in some stage of construction and will be a new home to someone by election day. The City of Basehor's portion of the new homeowners tax bill will be about 23%. That portion would take care of improving and repairing those roads over a period of years.
In nearly all cases I'm against TIF's, tax abatements, and CID's. I came from Wyandotte County just like many othe people who currently live in Bashor. While a resident of WY CO my taxes I paid continually increased. In the 27 years I owned a home there my evaluation went up 140% yet my taxes I paid went up 193%. TIF's and tax abatements were used liberally in WY CO and the use of these did not help my tax bill. (Think of Cerner.)
Basehor is considered a safe community. Google safe cities in Kansas. Basehor PD is very visible.
I will not vote for any incentives to build low income housing in Basehor. The citizens of Basehor already pay taxes to the federal, state, and some to the county for affordable housing. As for building apartments and small single family homes in Basehor why has some developer not chosen to build? There is a need and market for affordable housing. Maybe they feel that building a 1200 square foot home in Basehor is not as profitable as building a 2000 or 3000 square foot home. The minimum size home allowed in Basehor to be built is a 1200 square foot home. However, sub-divisions may have other minimums.
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Personal Biography I have lived in Kansas since I was 4 years old and have always had a desire to solve problems. Over the past few years I've had a hard time ignoring issues in the political realm and decided it was time to run for office to try to make a difference. I'm married to my high school sweetheart Megan, and we have two sons (a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old).
Campaign Email
Education Bachelor's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Washburn University.
cellphone 913-787-0935
I believe the biggest issue Basehor faces is the lack of a unified vision. The comprehensive plan released in 2019 relied on survey data from 2012 without some of the questions needed to help define priorities. Another survey from 2019 was better but had limited sample size and still no consideration for tradeoffs. I have seen disagreements on social media about how much growth the city should actively pursue and what amenities are needed.

I would work with the planning commission to issue a new survey with more pointed questions to understand the following:

- approval/desire for specific projects and initiatives being considered

- interest in tax abatement or capital improvement districts for businesses

- willingness to spend on amenities and the impact that has on taxes

- cities that our citizens consider good examples to follow

I would then work to achieve high response rates to gain as clear a picture as we can of what our taxpayers want their money spent on.
I think the city is in a strong economic position with income strings to adequately meet the core needs related to infrastructure and public safety and I would actively work to decrease costs and therefore the level of taxation that must be levied to pay for what we have.
I am opposed to providing financial incentives to attract businesses. It is impractical to take a completely firm stance as so many cities provide these kinds of incentives, but if a business is only interested in Basehor because we'll pay them to be here, maybe we're better off without them.
The Basehor Police Department already does a fantastic job keeping our city safe as SafeWise recently named us as the 2nd safest city in Kansas. I would work with them to identify victimless crimes and other tasks that get in the way of their focus on keeping us safe.
I think the best thing communities can do to make housing more affordable is reduce zoning restrictions and requirements that arbitrarily add cost to construction and maintenance of homes. I am also in favor of lowering the mill levy rate to help compensate for rising property valuations so citizens aren't priced out of their current homes.
Personal Biography I have lived in Kansas my entire life and upon moving to Basehor in 2018 I wanted to assist the city with my time and effort to realize our goals as a rapidly growing community. I have worked in higher education for 36 years and am currently employed by the University of Kansas Medical Center as a Director of Operations.
Campaign Phone (913) 232-3165
Education Valedictorian - West Side Christian Academy; Flint Hills Technical College and Emporia State University
Community/Public Service Basehor City Council Member since 2018
telephone 913-232-3165
Basehor is now the 2nd fastest growing city in Kansas (with a population of 5,000 or more). From April 1, 2010 to April 1, 2020 our community has grown more than 48.9%. This is exciting, but with growth comes growing pains and a need for amenities such as parks, trails, improved roads with turn lanes, sidewalks, curbs, grocery store, more restaurants and retail, etc. Another challenge is how to share all the factual information about taxes, upcoming amenities, parks and trails, 155th street expansion, city council vision, sanitary sewer projects, an active transportation plan and more. Basehor has just recently added twitter and instagram as a place for citizens to go and find information along with the City of Basehor website, City of Basehor Facebook page and soon a mailer directly to all citizens homes with details about upcoming projects. I encourage community members to either attend in person at city hall or sign into our zoom link for monthly meetings.
Basehor just approved our 2022 working budget and with this we budgeted for a fully staffed, equipped and trained police department; a full-time code enforcement/animal control officer; enhancements to the City website including a more user-friendly public meeting platform; plans to inventory all street conditions for a long-term plan for road maintenance and improvements. City council has currently set a vision of an active transportation plan, 155th street modernization, parks master plan, sanitary sewer projects, metroGreen trails, civic campus and city center off of 158th street. How do we pay for all of these amenities and improvements that citizens want and expect? City Council has voted and approved moving forward with no tax rate increase for 2022. We have set the levy to include the $310,000 supported by higher assessed values, with no increase to the current mill rate. I want to see this occur in order to reduce the potential need for larger levy increases in the future
Basehor is also surrounded by other cities that are growing. We have a large entertainment district 10 minutes to the east, an actively growing business park to our west and new housing and development directly to our south. How do we draw developers to Basehor? I believe that our rapid growth is testament to the mindset of the Mayor and City Council, which has been balanced with the interests of existing residents. Basehor is showing that we are attractive to developers, businesses and future residents. There are CIDs, TIFs, bonds, etc. that can be reviewed and in certain circumstances are a positive decision for growth. I carefully review all options that will tax a citizen before voting to bring a new business or developer to town. In some cases if Basehor doesn't provide or consider an incentive that opportunity will go to a neighboring community so there is a lot of research required before voting to ever increase a citizens taxes, even if that increase improves amenities.
Our Basehor police department currently does an excellent job in reducing crime, striving to keep citizens safe in their homes and businesses and interacting with the community. As I mentioned earlier it is the current city councils goal to fund a fully staffed, equipped and trained Police Department.
Basehor city council just recently with professionals from Confluence established a Basehor Comprehensive Plan and Parks Master Plan. We have invited residents, developers and business owners to join in discussions on what and how do we envision Basehor growing in the future. This committee in a recent meeting just noted the need for more over 55 housing (owned and rented); apartments for young working professionals and retirees and connectivity of these housing communities to parks, trails, highway access, churches, schools and in the future as growth continues public transportation.