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What do you think the Joint Economic Development Organization (JEDO) can do to support services to workers such as transportation, living wage, affordable health insurance, paid sick and family leave, or childcare support? How would you propose to facilitate your position?

What policies do you think should govern the use of money from the Topeka Housing Trust Fund?

What is the most important issue facing Topeka and how do you propose to address it?

When the City Council draws new election districts for the Council, what criteria will you take into consideration in determining whether those districts are fair to the voters?

What community support services are needed to reduce crime and gun violence (including suicide)? What is your proposal for ensuring availability of those community support services?

Personal Biography Washburn Tech East Taskforce Co-Chari Love Fellowship Church Pastor Leadership Greater Topeka Graduate
Campaign Address PO Box 5809
Topeka, KS 66605
Campaign Web Site
Education Master’s Degree, Ecumenical Theological Bachelor’s Degree, American Baptist College
Community/Public Service Topeka Human Relations Commissioner Boys & Girls Club Teen Services Director YoungLife Topeka Board Member
JEDO can work with Metro to extend the bus routes from residential area to commercial/industrial areas. Along with extending hours of operation for employees to have opportunity to be transported to available jobs. This approach not only strengthens workforce pool but household receive immediate support now as a working family. Which positions them better for living wage, affordable health insurance, paid sick and family leave and childcare cost.
The policies I think should govern the use of money from the Topeka Housing Trust fund are: Transparency which allows citizens to monitor and observe, accountability that keeps all parties involved honest and open from suspicion. The purpose of the Topeka Housing Trust Fund is to encourage and support the acquisition, rehabilitation, and development of affordable rental and ownership homes, emergency shelter, and supportive services. Topeka residents deserve the right to be able to take pride in the communities of which they live.
According to residents my campaign staff and I have talked with the most important issue facing Topeka that resonates is ROADS. The infrastructure of our city is overworked and outdated, and I hope to work with the Council to improve infrastructure not just for District #5 but the city of Topeka.
When the City Council draws new election district for the Council, my criteria for consideration will be diversity and inclusion making sure that lines are not being drawn to only include certain sects of people and exclude other sects of persons.
Community support services are what I provide as a profession serving as a Pastor in our community. The goal is to provide more trained personnel to manage crisis in a preventive measure along with focusing on youth and young adults. My proposal for ensuring availability of these community support services is to continue to serene as a Pastor who partners with other agencies to increase the visibility of these aides in digital space such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc..
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Personal Biography Born and raised in Leavenworth, KS. US Navy veteran Attended Highland Community College Married 18 years to Adrienne Adrienne is a Teacher Two teenage daughters Chase and Reagan Both daughters attend Topeka West High School Currently work at the Topeka Veterans Affairs Medical Center as a Purchasing Agent Have work experience in Corrections, Social Services, Education, Lawn Care, Information Technology. Own our home, lived at it for 14 years. Former Welfare recipients for almost 10 years
Campaign Phone (785) 640-2580
Campaign Email
Education Leavenworth High School c/o 1998 Highland Community College c/o 2004 US Navy 1988-2002 Community College of Rhode Island Peru State College
Community/Public Service Shawnee County Fair Board Community Action Board Member First Tee of Shawnee County Board Member
I have been advocating for transportation to work for several years. It is too important to have able bodied workers have a safe way to get to and from work rather than walking unsafe routes or not working at all. It needs to be a partnership between the city and the employers that allows the employer to grow reliable staffing and the city not having a high jobless rate. This way we can expand existing businesses and attract future businesses.

The living wage is coming closer to reality as companies such as Wal-Mart and Target are starting their employees well above minimum wage along with the high demand for workers many entry-level positions have started raising their starting wage to $11.00-$14.00/hr that were previously minimum wage before the COVID-19 Pandemic started.
I've been saying for years that Topeka needs to hold landlords and land owners accountable for taking care of their tenants. We honestly have too many Slumlords in Topeka that get to fly under the radar and pocket profits without putting anything back into their properties and making sure their tenants have a safe and maintained place to call home.

I have also been a proponent on building tiny home communities or rehabilitating unoccupied hotels for low cost housing. There is two areas to focus on, senior living and homelessness. With senior living your can gear it for those on a fixed income and offer services such as transportation, low or no cost meal, healthcare on-site, 24/7 staffing for if a problem arises, and activities to encourage interaction. On the homeless side of things you can offer job search help, job training, drug and alcohol addiction treatment, low or no cost meals, and security with 24/7 staffing if a problem arises.
Getting people back to work is our number one concern right now. Many businesses in Topeka cannot run at full operating capacity due to they cannot find people willing to work even after increasing their starting wage and offering bonuses. We can host job fairs throughout the city to show citizens how many jobs are out there for them

Homelessness and panhandling has become an issue the last couple years. We have people squatting on private property, asking for money at every major intersection, along with approaching people at businesses in the parking lot asking for money. This has cost businesses money by driving away customers because they dont feel safe, property owners money to trim or remove trees to keep people from squatting, and accidents at intersections due to people jumping off the median/curb for money.

Crime has been and will be an issue until we hire more officers. Its been proven with studies the more visible police are the more it deters crime, especially at night.
Plain and simple, no gerrymandering. Make each district as geometric shaped as possible.
When it comes to suicide prevention a partnership between the city with the Suicide Prevention Hotline, Veterans Crisis Line, and local mental provider to increase awareness of the issue of suicide and way to prevent it.

To reduce crime we need to hire more police officers. The response time for calls i have dealt with are too long and from what i can determine is that is mainly due to under staffing.

Gun violence is a tough one to solve as this has been an issue for decades. If a criminal wants a gun, they are going to get a gun unfortunately. That in turn make certain people think the only way to protect themselves is to get a gun also. The biggest things we can do as a community is preach gun safety, have our police work diligently working to remove illegal guns from the street, have a hotline to anonymously report illegal firearms, and a gun drop for those looking to dispose of unwanted guns and ammo no questions asked.