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USD 450 Shawnee Heights District B Pos 5 BOE

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    Tim Watts

Biographical Information

What is your experience with the school district? Parent? Patron? Alumni? Why do you want to serve this district at this time?

The incidence of youth suicide in Shawnee County has been very high for two decades and is climbing. How do you propose to help the public schools in your district play a role in reversing this trend?

What can your school district do to increase civic involvement of students? Where is civic involvement in your priority list for school activities?

What policies will you support to ensure that all students have access to tools and infrastructure necessary to benefit from distance learning opportunities?

If your personal beliefs are different than those of the district you are elected to represent, what values will you apply when deciding how to vote on issues before the Board?

Personal Biography I graduated from Louisburg Kansas and met my husband during college. We married and moved to Tecumseh, his childhood home, in 2002. I have lived here since and now my children attend Shawnee Heights like their father and grandfather did. I am proud to continue the Price family legacy.
Education 2 Associates Degrees, 1 in Sign Language Interpreting
Community/Public Service I have been a volunteer at all levels in Shawnee Heights since 2010. PTO, Site, District Advisory Council, Shawnee Heights Public Schools Foundation, Intergovernmental Cooperative Council, Safety Committee, District Leadership Team and The School Board.
I have been a volunteer at all levels in Shawnee Heights since 2010. I have been an active part of PTO, Site, District Advisory Council, Shawnee Heights Public Schools Foundation, Intergovernmental Cooperative Council, Safety Committee, District Leadership Team and The School Board.

I have been a patron of the district since 2002. I married an alum and my husband's father was also an alum.

I want to continue my service to the district as a member of the school board. My family has a vested interest in continuing to help facilitate the success of our children in our community. During my first term we have covered several complicated issues and are now maneuvering schooling during Covid. I have learned so much over the past four years and I hope to apply what I have learned to my next term.
I think its imperative to continue to support the whole child. This means hiring more support for our mental health team. During my first four years, we have hired more social workers, school counselors, two Deans of Students, and added sensitive questions to our Communities that Care surveys regarding this very topic so that we can more closely monitor the stresses and emotional health of our children.
Civic involvement is something I believe we should keep working on. It needs to be moved up on the priority list, but in all honesty, the last 18 months have been all Covid focused. It's one of my goals this year to reevaluate our priorities and strategically work on re-evaluating our long term goals and this would be a great one to add to that list.
During remote and hybrid schooling, we had a population of children that excelled under this scenario. I would love to see changes in our educational system to more individualize the educational needs of children.
I don't necessarily have different beliefs than those I represent, but when making decisions for the district as a whole, that may not necessarily mean it's best for my own child. We have to see the district from a watchtower view and base your decisions on the whole.

I value teamwork, positivity, collaboration, constructive criticism and above all I value each of our professionals that have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our children and community.
Personal Biography Tim, along with his wife, Jennie, and kids Kadence and Carter, have been proud residents of the Shawnee Heights School District for over 12 years. Together, they are asking you to support Tim’s campaign for Shawnee Heights School Board so that he can represent the Students, Parents, Teachers and Staff.
Education BA Political Science Washburn University Topeka, KS 2003
Community/Public Service I have coached children in our Shawnee Heights community for 8 years. I started on the soccer and softball fields alongside our daughter and now that she is in 8th grade I have been blessed with being able to continue to coach our son. Currently I am a coach on the 5th/6th grade Young Thunderbird flag football team. I have also volunteered at Wasburn University at Phi Delta Theta where I was the CAB Chairman of the Alumni Board.
My wife and I have two children who attend school in the district. The entire family is very engaged in the classroom and extra curricular activities. Prior to Covid I would volunteer as a watchdog in the elementary school twice a year and always enjoyed being a positive role model for the young students.We have also lived in the district for more than 12 years and have supported many PTO, school and community events over that time.
I believe there’s a very important part of preventing youth suicide is having engaging and fulfilling classrooms. Currently less than 55% of our budget goes to classroom learning. If I am elected to the school board I am going to look at how we can get more money invested into our students in the classroom. We know that this has a positive affect on their educational success which also creates a more positive culture in our classrooms.
Over the past year I have attended over 90% of the school board meetings and spoken and everyone that I was given the opportunity to do so at. During these meetings I felt that an increase in communication and transparency would boost the amount of civic involvement from our citizens. I think that too often not all parties were considered and this disenfranchised some groups who felt like they did not have a voice.
Our budget allocates over $12,300 per student in the Shawnee Heights school district. In my opinion we have the funding to be successful as long as we measure the policies and procedures to the metrics that are the goals of the district. I saw that one school board meeting where they allocated over $700,000 for MacBook pros but did not discuss if that would make A positive impact on the educational results of our children. To me I look in the expense of $700,000 and say how can we make the biggest impact for over 3400 students with that amount of funds?
This is one of the biggest reasons that I am running. I feel that our board doesn’t represent the constituents that elected them to office. I do think that you have to stick to your platform on what you’re running for but you have to also be collaborative and work with everybody in our community. The past year and a half has shown that in many cases the school board will listen to one or two doctors orOr three county commissioners or one governor instead of the 3400 students, over 600 teachers, several thousand parents/family members and all the other members of our community.