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Hartford City Council- Position 4

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  • Jennifer St. Bonnett

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    Ashley Meyer

Biographical Information

What are two or three major issues that the Commission should address during the next four years?

How do you propose to address each of the issues outlined above?

What qualifications do you have to support your leadership in these areas?

Personal Biography Married with two children and one grandchild, numerous stepchildren and step grandchildren. Currently a member of the Hartford City Council.
Campaign Address 411 E Exchange Ave
Campaign Phone (620) 392-5617
Campaign Web Site http://N/A
Education General Education High School
Community/Public Service Council Member, Library Board Member, Church Treasurer
Work on the animal issues in town. Work of improving the streets in town Updating Sewer system
For the dog issue we need more public awareness and owner responsibility Working to improve the condition of the streets in town Working on a grant to update the sewer system in town.
I have an interest and desire to help improve what is needed in my community and 4 years experience being on the city council.
Personal Biography I grew up on the family farm in rural Southeast Kansas. I have always had a passion for helping others so I knew by the time I was in junior high I wanted to either be a nurse or a teacher. The nurses in my family were/are my inspiration and so I chose to be a nurse and haven't thought twice about it because I love what I do. My husband and I live in Southern Lyon County in Hartford and enjoy our small town and neighbors. I wouldn't trade small town life for anything.
Campaign Email
Education Highest level of education: Technical School for Associates Degree in Applied Science and Licensed Practical Nursing
Community/Public Service Volunteered for numerous community events in Hartford. Event Leadership Team for Allen County Relay for Life
In my position running for city council in Hartford, if elected I hope to join and already productive team of individuals in continuing to improve things in our great town. On our local level, we have ongoing issues that need addressed. I would like to be more involved with our city ordinances and review of those to help ensure we are up to date with our policies. Our town is continuously working to improve appearances and bring new new families to town with many of our renovated properties. Our town has seen a lot of recent changes that have been for the better and I hope to be a part of seeing more change happen for us.
I hope to work with our local city council to address some of these issues as a united front and as a stronger force. One person can do a lot but as a whole entity you can accomplish so much more. I have not always been one for politics, but our population is growing with people from my generation and my hope is to be a voice for them and their concerns or ideas to make our town better.
I have been a clinical nurse manager for over 4 years now and manage a group of nursing staff, over see providers' schedules and mange 3 programs for our agency overall. I feel that I fit a leadership role very well in that a lot of times I find that more often than not, people don't always want to be the one to speak up or take charge, however, I feel that I am a natural leader in wanting to step to be the voice for others who don't want to be in that position.