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    David Haley

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What can be done to ensure that fewer people are getting their electricity shut off?

Do you agree that deposits should be required for new customers? Should the amount be evaluated since many customers are unable to pay what BPU charges for a deposit?

What are your thoughts on making BPU more accessible to residents? This applies to customer service, bill paying and board meetings.

What is your understanding of the connection between BPU and the Unified Government? What should the public know about the relationship between the two entities?

Are you in favor of a policy that ensures people who depend on medical equipment for their health will not have their electricity shut off? Why or why not?

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Personal Biography David HALEY. Native Wyandotte Countian; Son of Atty./St. Sen. George & Sumner HS Teacher Doris HALEY. B.A. (Morehouse College;Atlanta,GA) ; J.D.(Howard University Law; Washington, D.C.). Lawyer; Property Developer; State Senator. Dad of 4.
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Education B.A. Morehouse College; Atlanta, GA. J.D. Howard University Law; Washington, D.C.
That troubling matrix (of everyday residents and often longtime existing small businesses) having electricity and eventually water shut off needs to parallel an ongoing understanding in proactive forbearance that the current and previous Board members and General Manager have often recognized for the politically or regionally ("upscale") connected; such as the former T-Bones baseball team and it's 5 year, $700.000. unpaid light and water bill and OTHER entities ... never interrupted but with BPU personnel having potential hands on the SAME, punitive, disconnect switches.
With proper verification of creditworthiness, new customers (and those moving between residence accounts, for that matter) should be activated without deposit but SHOULD a deposit be required (due to previous local discrepancies or other established non-deposit disqualifications), the BPU should pay not less than 1% "interest", per year, on said deposit monies.
Since COVID, Board meetings (1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 6pm) are all remote; accessible by staff and the public alike by ZOOM. I think that's a good thing in that one need not be physically present at 6th & Minnesota to present before the Board; only sign up at the beginning of the online meeting and be given, at the appropriate time, an opportunity to be heard. BPU means' of timely bill paying opportunities (online; by mail; designated kiosks; auto-pay), currently mirror, if not exceed, regional industry standards. Interactive general customer service with a live BPU staffer needs improvement if not an overhaul; post COVID concerns/excuses, of course.
As I publicly stated as the 2nd place finisher during the very first election for Mayor / CEO of the new Unified Government of WyCo / KCK, since the BPU was NOT included in the County (Wyandotte) City (Kansas City) consolidation merger plan (which, as a third "municipal" entity, I contend it SHOULD have been), the connection between BPU and the UG has crated a "slush fund" for the UG of the BPU; essentially a stop-gap entity that shifts escalating tax burdens incurred by the Co.-City government into enumerated "fees" (otherwise "taxes") such as "Payment In Lieu of Taxes (P.I.L.O.T.)" and Wastewater and Stormwater and Trash & Recycle...ETC. onto the necessary, monthly ELECTRIC & WATER bill of UG taxpayers (aka "ratepayers"). And these people's pockets, without accountability or transparency, being picked.
Any pre-existing KCKS resident that has a medical equipment necessity verified by certified Kansas physicians should be assisted by health-service entities & afforded an assessed electrical usage forbearance by BPU to insure their electricity need never be shut off.