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    Lee Cross

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    Joy Koesten

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    Jae Moyer

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    Dawn Rattan

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    Wayne H. Sandberg

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    Paul Snider

Biographical Information

What would be your top three priorities if elected?

What skills, expertise, or competencies qualify you for this position?

How would you suggest JCCC address diversity issues for the most positive outcome?

Personal Biography Married to Jennifer since 2006 (dated since 2000) with 2 children Mia and Luke in OP. 1979: Born Wichita 1979—1997: Father (born in Gardner, grew up in Leavenworth Co.) worked construction & oil industry in Wichita, Tulsa, NW KS (Mother from Rooks County), Eastern Colo., & Lawrence (LHS ‘97). Dad was union brick lawyer in Lawrence-KC-Topeka Area and graduated KU 1995. Mom: LPN. 2006-present: Attorney
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Education 1997: Lawrence High School 1999 (summer): attended JCCC 2002: Univ. Kan., BA (Pol. Sci. & Psych.) 2007: UMKC, JD
Community/Public Service Numerous legal associations, civic, political, including but not limited to: COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND OTHER EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Asbury United Methodist Church, Member (and formerly on SPRC, Leadership Team, inter alia) Johnson County Community College, Trustee JCCC Foundation Member; and Executive Liaison to Bd. Of Directors: 2013-15, Johnson County Education Research Triangle, Board Member and JCCC Liaison Institute for Rural America (NFO Affiliated Non-Profit), Board Member Naval Postgraduate School Foundation, Member Kansas Democratic Party, Chair of Farm and Food Caucus Asbury (United Methodist Church) Children’s Center, Board Member Kansas National Farmers’ Organization, Consultant Institute of Kansas Forensic Examiners, Board Member Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, Member (2017 L.N.E. Graduate) Boy Scouts of America, H.O.A.-Shawnee Trails District Board Member Citizens’ Campaign Network, Staff/Canvass Director (D.C., Tex., Ohio, Mo.) Zimmer Radio Group, Marketing and Sales Association Kan. Coordinated Campaign (Field Coordinator and Campaign Manager) Kansans For Adkins (Jo. Co. Campaign Coordinator) Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Intern Research Assistant, Policy Research Institute (Survey Research Center) Robert J. Dole Institute, Intern (Senator Derek Schmidt and U.S. House Rep. Dennis Moore) Weed Inspector, City of Lawrence, Kan. (H.A.N.D.)
1. Protect and continue JCCC’s world class reputation for our students and our community. We members of the Community College League for Innovation, and have numerous federal grant including with the US Dept. Of State to advise the Pakistan Community College system. 2. Work to make JCCC and the Community College Movement as affordable, or free, for all. 3. Work to make the College as inclusive as possible for all, but especially women, any racial or political minority, and differing view points. This includes but is not limited to LGBTQ, environmental-sustainability issues, different religious view points, conservatives, liberals, the business community, labor unions, and all the while supporting our administration.
1. 8.5, almost 9 years of experience as a Trustee at JCCC. 2. Having served on numerous boards, and working with numerous civic groups. 3. 15 years as an attorney. 4. Successfully managing my own business for 11 years, and now owning and/or operating several businesses. 5. Being married for 15 years to Jennifer Knight-Cross (together 21), the father of 2, Mia and Luke, and frankly with the faith of a life long Christian (raised Catholic) and 13 year member of Asbury UMC. My commitment to these basic societal institutions, with the support of my spouse, propels me to protect our College and work for a civil society.
Work to make the College as inclusive as possible for all, but especially women, any racial or political minority, and differing view points. This includes but is not limited to LGBTQ, environmental-sustainability issues, different religious view points, conservatives, liberals, the business community, labor unions, and all the while supporting our administration.

I have campaigned and advocated on the Board for a DEI Committee, which we now have for the first time ever. The two JCCC Presidents I have served with have made this a priority: record hirings of women and racial minorities in our Presidential Cabinet. In 2016, we actually appointed our first Trustee of color: Henry Sandate. Whom I campaigned with in 2017.

I will work to continue this work. My wife and I are personally supporting Dr. Joy Koesten, Dawn Rattan, and Jae Moyer this cycle.
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Personal Biography Life-long Kansan, and proud graduate of Johnson county community college. During my time in college I worked as a journeyman (union) carpenter and even helped build what is now known as the Carlsen Center on campus. I went on to receive my Bachelor's of Science in Business from Emporia State University with a concentration in Accounting. I now live in Lenexa, KS with the love of my life, Anna, and our three beautiful children. We absolutely love raising our kids in Johnson County.
Campaign Address None.
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Education Associates - Johnson County Community College Bachelors - Emporia State University
Community/Public Service Church - New city
1. Affordable Education - Given the economic and financial uncertainty of COVID-19, students and families are looking for a place of peace. Whether you are coming to enroll in a 2-year degree with a great paying job after graduation, or you are looking to go back to school part-time to finish your education – Johnson County Community College can provide a path to prosperity. We must find a way to bring back those students who left during the pandemic and attract new students through competitive programs.

2. Growth and Opportunity - Being a commuter college, it is very important that JCCC fosters an environment of opportunity and belonging. Athletics, clubs and meaningful relationships help students stay connected in their studies. I want to keep our programs strong and well-funded.

3. Lower property taxes - To keep Johnson County Community College the unique and special place it is, we must take care of our community with responsible spending. I support a mill levy reduction.
- As an accountant, I understand what it means to have balance. I believe I have the financial background to understand the budget and make decisions about the future. It is important to recognize our short-falls and have an action plan. When we look at enrollment, we know it has been down for the last 10 years.

- As a graduate, I understand the unique challenges of working full-time and going to college. I'll be a voice for students and fight for more support programs for those who need it.
One of the best ways to address diversity is to provide more opportunities for students to get involved on campus. Whether that be adding the track and field program back, which was the most diverse sport on campus, or funding scholarships through partnerships with minority owned businesses. I firmly believe the best way to include everyone is to survey the students to see what their needs are and evaluate the current environment. Maybe students do not believe there is a "diversity issue" on campus. It is also much more complex than simply skin color and racial background. We must look at socio-economic profiles, age, and students with disabilities. I support flexible academic programs that accommodate students in all phases of life, from 19 year old students, to new parents, and even retired adults going back to school! My campaign motto is "JCCC for everyone". That's how we promote diversity and inclusion.
Personal Biography I earned a doctorate in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas in 2002 and have served on the faculty at Washburn University, Johnson County Community College, and on all three campuses of the University of Kansas, including serving as an assistant research professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Kansas Med Center, & as an Assistant Dean of the Graduate School on the Lawrence Campus.
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Education PhD in Communication Studies - KU MA in Communication Studies - KU BA in Comprehensive Marketing - SMS (now MSU)
Community/Public Service Johnson County Charter Commission 2021, appointed member Children’s Mercy Hospital Endowment "Collaboration for a Cause," personal campaign for mental health funding Jewish Community Relations Bureau/American Jewish Committee, Current Board Member National Council of Jewish Women, Current Board Member Temple Congregation B'nai Jehudah Sisterhood, Current Board Member Daughters of the American Revolution - Mission Chapter, Member Jackson County CASA, former Board Member and trained advocate National Alliance on Mental Illness, former advocate and trainer for Family to Family courses Jewish Community Mental Health Coalition (now Greater Kansas City Mental Health Coalition), founding member
Recruit, recognize and retain the best teachers in the region. Connect with business community to provide cutting-edge vocational training to build a world-class workforce. Maintaining accessible and affordable college for every student across their lifespan.
My work experiences have allowed me to collaborate in a variety of academic institutions. In addition, I have worked with local leaders & organizations to develop and deliver educational programs to local consumers & constituents in our community. With your vote & your support, I will bring my life-long commitment to learning, teaching, & the mission of higher education to the JCCC Board of Trustees. I will build bridges with teachers, students, & our regional business community, to ensure that our students have the educational & vocational resources they need to thrive in our fast-changing economy. And I will use my experience in higher education to hold JCCC to the highest possible standards of excellence. Former tenure track and adjunct professor at multiple institutions of higher education. Assistant research professor at the Department of Family Medicine at KU. Assistant Dean of KU Graduate School. Author of more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. Former State Legislator.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a critical issue in every organization in our country today. So, I am thrilled with President Bowne’s commitment to establishing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at JCCC. Having served over the past 25 years in higher education, I know that students today are entering a global world of work. One that will demand much of them and challenge them in ways unlike any generation before. In this global world of work, they will compete with the best and the brightest, no matter what path they take. Higher education’s commitment to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion will serve every student as they encounter others in the workplace who don’t look like them, act like them, or have the same life experiences. Fostering these ideas in every classroom will give students the skills they need to be successful in the ever-changing, global world of work.
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Personal Biography Jae is openly gay and gender non-conforming. If elected, they would be the first LGBTQ+ Trustee, and the first non-binary elected official in the state of Kansas. They are also a student at Johnson County Community College, with an intention to work on gaining credits to transfer to eventually receive a degree in Political Science. They also work 40 hours a week as a leasing agent, and understand the struggles of working full-time to support themself, while also pursuing their education.
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Education Jae graduated from Shawnee Mission North High School in 2017, from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) of New York City in 2018 (from their Musical Theatre Conservatory program), and is currently studying Political Science at Johnson County Community College.
Community/Public Service Jae has served as an at-large board member, the secretary, and now as the vice chair of Equality Kansas of Metro Kansas City since late 2018, working with the organization to help advance LGBTQ+ equality in Johnson County, namely helping to pass Non-Discrimination Ordinances, or "NDO's" in cities across the county. They have been a passionate activist on these issues, and want to better help the community become a safer and more welcoming place for everyone. They also are a part of the worship team at Indian Heights United Methodist Church on Nall and 103rd St. in Overland Park.
Equality- to create safe spaces on campus for black, brown, indigenous, and LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff, and also to ensure we create policies that hold businesses the college works with to a higher standard when it comes to their policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI. Also to put into motion the findings of the recent DEI report by the college.

Education- to find ways that not only celebrate and highly respect the faculty that provide the college's number one resource, the educations students receive, but also allow faculty the freedom to teach with a sense of academic freedom in the classroom.

Opportunity- to find financially responsible ways to help increase students' abilities to attend college, including lowering the cost of tuition and increasing access to scholarships, or even possibly finding ways to increase access to affordable housing and transportation.
First, if elected, I would bring unique perspectives that currently are not represented on the Board of Trustees. I would be the only member that would be able to speak to the exact experience of the LGBTQ+ community, and also the exact experience of a student currently attending JCCC. I also have a unique passion for serving my community. I understand the impact JCCC has on Johnson County, both academically and economically, and I believe it is a resource our community should be proud to say we all contribute to. If elected, I would use my unique perspectives and experiences to advocate for continuing that tradition while also expanding access to make JCCC an even more equitable place.
I think a good resource is the DEI survey recently done by the college. It found specific things:

1) that the administration believes there are more DEI initiatives and efforts than the faculty and staff do, and that "faculty diversity may be the area in most need of attention". 2) That "there is a consensus that there is a hope the new president will take DEI into account in his plans and vision for JCCC and establish a dedicated well-resourced DEI office".

Among many other things, these stuck out to me in the report as the biggest issues. Therefore, I think it's only right to directly ask the faculty what needs they see on campus. As an LGBTQ+ student, I believe it's safe to say that between my own experience and the findings of the DEI report, an effective place to start would be to form a specific place (or specific places) on campus where we can learn about and celebrate diversity.
Personal Biography High School Sumner Academy Arts & Science, 1991 Kansas City Kansas College: Florida A&M, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 1996 with a full academic scholarship. College Internships: Pfizer, Cargill and the former Allied Signal Employment: 1996-2007 Procter & Gamble(Cincinnati, OH and Kansas City) 2009 - present: Vice President of family business, Village West Liquors 2015 – present: Owner EverFit fitness studio Married 24 years, Manu Rattan 3 children, Maya, Rishi, Nikhil Hobbies travel, tennis
Campaign Phone (913) 461-3374
Education B.S Chemical Engineering Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Fl Spring 1996
Community/Public Service Chamber of Commerce, member and board member Johnson County Charter Commission, Vice Chair
My top priority is to listen and learn first, and make no assumptions. The Board, Faculty, and Administrators all have plans in motion. I need to find out what my role is in their strategic plans. A trustee must be fact based, ask questions, and have a heart for service to ensure that they are stewards of the institution. Overall, we need to protect and grow our school and continue its great legacy.

In addition, these 4 things a priority for me: 1. Stewardship and sustainability 2. Accessibility to the college 3. Provide support and resources so that JCCC is a leader in meeting future needs of students and businesses 4. Student Mental Health
I am a mom, a business owner and I believe in giving back to my community. My engineering skills make me a data based problem solver, and always seeking process improvement. By owning and starting up businesses, I've learned to pay attention to details, conflict resolution, customer service and creativity. I've worked and collaborated with a wide range of people from various backgrounds and points of view including, including union members, technicians, executives, stay at home moms, volunteers, and customers. I will bring my perspective and experience from corporate work and business start ups to the Board to work for the good of the college. I’m a hard worker and believe in doing what’s right.
I spoke with Dr. Bowne and he discussed a 3 part plan to close equity gaps: Access to College - ensure that the college is accessible and do targeted outreach to diverse populations Success at College - create systems to make sure diverse students feel supported in their college years Success Post College - did the student achieve the expected outcome(certificate, degree, transfer, job) The diversity action plan must have buy-in through out the org. With regard to recruiting diverse faculty: Utilize organizations in the Kansas City area that the school can build a relationship with to find more diverse candidates. The college could also contact Historically Black Colleges and similar networks. Finally, keep in mind that we need to focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Dr. Robert Sellers explains DEI this way: "Diversity is where everyone is invited to the party Equity means that everyone gets to contribute to the playlist Inclusion means that everyone has the opportunity to dance"
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Community/Public Service As a trustee of JCCC we are the fiduciaries of the needs and wants of the County residents, the institution that serves them, The college employees and staff, and especially its students. We need to uphold and achieve the JCCC mission and vision. We must work with the president to keep the college as a leader and beyond. “You are who you are, but with opportunity and acceptance, you can be”. WHS
Priority one, is in creating increased enrollment. As a businessman we cannot wait “to build it and they will come” that this college and most colleges use, but to dramatically increase the budget for recruitment by adding staff and resources. We need a creative approach of working with high school districts, high school counselors, and students even prior to their senior year. We can institute a series of online college readiness courses that more prepares pre-college kids with a clear outlook of the direction they would like to follow in their career. We are creating curriculum for the modern student and need to recruit high-quality high school students. We need to develop the sports program with a state-of-the-art Esports and gaming program and center that attracts the best high school gamers locally and throughout the United States. This will also increase enrollment into graphic design, various computers programs, and other tech type majors and certifications.
Wayne is a businessman that owned feed and pet food mills and grain elevators in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and New Mexico. His company was one of the original bulk container loaders of ingredients to the Pacific Rim countries.

Today Wayne runs a Trade Room ( where individual traders and investors come together and back test, front test, and dissect strategies while trading and investing their own trading and retirement portfolios.

Wayne is semi retired and decided that he needs to give back and pay it forward.

Wayne has VISION for JCCC that exceeds other candidates for TRUSTEE!
Diversity and inclusion in Johnson County Kansas have been slowly seeing an increase in diversity. Currently the county’s population is 79% white, 4.9% African American, 7.9% Latino and/or Hispanic, 5.4% Asian, and 3% of mixed races. There are also 9% foreign-born residents. The county has 96% high school graduates with about 56% college graduates. The current student enrollment at JCCC meets the statistic diversity of the county while instructor diversification is lagging. I believe we can offer under privileged and minority students tuition reimbursement if they do an apprentice in our certification programs potentially leading to a future instructor position. In business we like to hire from within and if we can train our own students in the way we want the programs taught by using apprenticeship type of program that will not only help pay for their education, but it diversifies our pool of instructors. A good DEI program needs to encompass respect and acceptance of differences
Personal Biography Paul Snider grew up in Johnson County and attended Shawnee Mission schools. He has worked primarily in communications, community and government affairs roles for utilities. In 2017 he started his own business focusing on Kansas state policy work and community affairs in Johnson County. He has a record of service in Johnson County with the JoCo Parks Board and UCS Board. In 2017 he was elected to JCCC Board of Trustees. He lives in Lenexa with his wife Alice and three daughters.
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Education Shawnee Mission South | Washburn University -- BA | Baker University -- MBA
Community/Public Service JCCC Board of Trustees -- Elected Nov 2017 | Johnson County Parks & Recreation District -- 8+ years | United Community Services of Johnson County -- 6 years | Forward OP steering committee -- 2017 & 2018 | Leadership Kansas (2009) | Active with several JoCo Chambers of Commerce
I want to provide trusted, forward-looking leadership the community can count on.

My priorities: ● Improving Student Success and Opportunity. We need to provide students with tools and pathways to succeed. First, students need to understand they can have a future at JCCC and enroll. ● Workforce Development. I want to support and strengthen the College’s workforce development efforts. This is a critical role for the College as Johnson County grows and our businesses need skilled workers. ● Sustainability. From recycling and sustainable farming to solar power, JCCC is a leader and needs to remain a leader for the community.
My community involvement sets me apart from other candidates. I served nearly nine years on the Johnson County Parks & Recreation District Board of Commissioners, including two years as Chair. I served two terms (six years) on the Board of United Community Services of Johnson County. I’m also active in most of the Chambers of Commerce in Johnson County.

In addition, I’m a small business owner and I work with state and local policymakers on a range of issues. Working with policymakers from all backgrounds has given me an appreciation and understanding of diverse viewpoints and an understanding of how to work with people toward shared goals.
I’m proud of the steps the Board of Trustees had taken to highlight diversity issues. It’s important that every student, employee and visitor at JCCC feels welcome and has the tools to succeed. At this point in time our student population is more diverse than our faculty and staff. There’s no clear way at the moment to balance those demographics. Bringing awareness and support to diversity needs is a good foundation to build on. I'm encouraged by the collaboration that's occurring in support of this goal.