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USD 305 Salina BOE

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  • Jim Fletcher

  • Gabe Grant

  • Bonnie Schamberger

Biographical Information

What is your motivation for seeking office and do you fully understand what the office entails?

What are your contingency plans for dealing with COVID19 issues and problems related to USD 305 over the next year?

How much control does the Board have over local curriculum? What are your thoughts on adding foreign languages for elementary students?

For middle and high school students, what are your thoughts on a unit on statistics in Social Studies?

For high school students, what are your thoughts on adding Driver's Ed?

Are there other units you would like to add for students of any level?

Campaign Address 2828 E Ray Ave
Salina, KS
Campaign Phone (785) 822-4531
Campaign Email
Education Salina South High, Salina Area Tech, KWU
I want our community to continue to grow. As a school board member I have learned that you help to provide vision and leadership for the community. I am a past graduate of USD 305, a parent of graduates and currently have students attending in the district. I believe I have a vested interest in the continued success of our school district and the students and staff who are served.
As a board member, I will evaluate information provided and plans proposed by the Superintendent and staff of USD 305, the community and any regulatory bodies which may have input. I will support plans that protect the safety of children and staff in the least restrictive manner while trying to balance stability for learning. I believe it is important we continue to work together to find balance in our community as we set new social norms, while protecting the liberty that we each individually are entitled to.
A local board approves the curriculum that is used in the local schools, based on standards set forward by the State Department of Education. Locally, curriculum is peer reviewed by committees of teachers and staff to ensure alignment and fidelity from elementary through high school. The USD 305 board by majority vote reviews and approves the suggestions of these committees and staff.

I believe that foreign language introduction as a complement to the traditional language instruction at a young age can be beneficial as we are preparing students for the future. If we are going to prepare students for success in the future, we need to also prepare them to communicate within our diverse community.
I believe that general information about statistics as a background to help understand information can be valuable, however I would be cautious of loosing sight of the valuable information that is being taught during this time. I would ask what we would not be teaching to do this? Teachers do have limited time with students and if we are adding more complex instruction to their role, I would need to understand what we would not be teaching to accommodate this time.
I would like to see driver’s education taught in the schools. I had driver’s education while attending high school at Salina South, and feel it is important as a basic skill for safety. This is a case though where we have to consider what we are not going to do so that we are allowing time in the schedule to do this.
I believe we have to keep our eyes open to the future that is not yet known and understand that we are preparing students for careers that don’t yet exist. Any time you can focus a class on the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, along with development of outward communication. I think we are providing value to the students for their future.

Campaign Address 119 Overhill Rd, Salina
Campaign Phone (785) 577-6989
Education Salina High School Central, Kansas State University
As a student in Salina Public Schools for my entire K-12 education, I understand the importance of quality public schools. I think it’s important for any citizen to find a way to give back to their community. I’ve enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to serve Salina, especially the work I’ve been able to complete on behalf of the community over the past not quite four years serving on the USD 305 Board of Education and fully understand the commitment it takes. I feel I have something to offer the community by serving in this role and want to see Salina succeed. Our public schools are the biggest economic driver in our community.
As I’ve voted on policies over the past 18 months, I’ve made decisions based on what I thought would keep more kids in school in a classroom with a teacher and give our families stability in scheduling and learning model. These are the same goals I’d continue to use.
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USD 305 has found many ways to increase programs and opportunities for our students, especially through the community supported bond issue. Through partnerships with surrounding higher education institutions, those opportunities have increased each year I’ve served on the board. I would review any proposal for increased learning opportunities for students, laying out specific details related to logistics, implementation, and funding which I thought added value to our students learning at any level.
Campaign Address 820 Manor Rd.
Salina, KS
Campaign Phone (785) 476-5669
Education Masters in Music Ed
I have been a teacher most of my life, and I know that education is very important to the building of a society and a nation as well as providing the students with the skills to learn and lead a productive life. Being on the school board will be an opportunity for me to help make informed decisions for this process. The most important goal is to help provide the best education in a positive atmosphere for the children and working with parents, family and community to accomplish this goal.

No, I do not fully understand what the office entails just as with any new job we encounter. If we knew what all is involved with this office I doubt many would run. However, as Jim Fletcher said “we work as a team” which means we help each other. I will study and communicate with the board as well as administrators, teachers, students and parents to help fulfill the vision of #305.
I am studying the charts of the number of cases in the area schools who recommend masks as well as the larger schools in our region compared to USD 305. This will show us the facts of the virus and how to proceed.
To my knowledge and from doing research online part of the job of the Board is to approve the curriculum that is being used in our education system. Younger children learn foreign languages faster than older people. Being bilingual would be a asset to many of the children not only because it expands communication but will be a benefit with employment down the road.
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Classes on the constitution and government are very beneficial as this next generation need to know what the United States Constitution says in order to know the foundations our nation is built on.
Driver's Education is often taught in the summer months through schools.