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    Brian Cramer

  • Casey A. Simoneau

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What do you think is expected of as a commissioner/board member?

What role your think policy plays in the functioning of your position?

What kind of relationship should a board member or commissioner have with the community (including parents and families)?

What responsibilities do board members/commissioners have in regards to advocacy?

What are your thoughts on the proposal to change from at-large commissioners to districts and an elected Mayor?

Personal Biography I have spent my entire career in the field of public service. I have been a Court Service Officer, Teacher, Recreation Supervisor, and City Council Member. I have over eight years of volunteer service to the Baldwin City Community. In 2020, I was recognized with the Community Service Award from the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce.
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Education BS - Human Services, Kansas State University, 1996
Community/Public Service - Baldwin City Council Member - Douglas County E-Commuity - Leadership Douglas County - League of Kansas Municipalities - MTI Graduate - Lawrence/Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization - Baldwin City Economic Development Corp. - Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce - Baldwin City Library Strategic Planning Team - Lumberyard Arts Center Board - Baldwin City Senior Engagement Coordinatin Council Chair
It should be the expectation of a Mayor and/or Council Member to lead with integrity providing equitable opportunities for all. To me, integrity means doing the right thing while no one is looking and sharing your actions with your elected peers, staff, and public. Making decisions that are equitable for all citizens is difficult. Elected officials must strive to make sure citizens have full access to and/or protection provided by the decisions made. As Mayor of Baldwin City, I will work with the City Council, Staff, and citizens to ensure our decisions provide value and opportunities for all.
Policy plays a key role in the functioning of a mayor. The mayor must first uphold policy and enforce the municipal laws of the community. Circumventing or ignoring policy erodes the trust of the public and hinders the functioning of the governing body. Once again, it is extremely important to lead with integrity. Abiding by set policy is key to the functioning of municipal government.
Elected officials should strive to have an active relationship with the public. The mayor is often the starting point for citizens to express concerns or seek solutions to issues. All elected officials must become active listeners with a flexible mindset. This is especially true working with parents and families. Elected officials often act as a resource providing access to community partners and services to meet the needs of families.
As reflected in the previous question, mayors can use advocacy to affect change for their citizens. Partnership is key to advocacy. Given Baldwin City is a small community, elected officials must establish strong relationships on the county, state, and regional levels to provide services to citizens.
Baldwin City is already Mayor-Council form of municipal government.
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