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What is your motivation for seeing office and do you fully understand what the office entails?

What are your contingency plans for dealing with COVID19 issues and problems over the next year?

It has been said that Salina's main attraction to new or expanding enterprises is "quality of life". What does "quality of life " mean to you, and as a commissioner, what would you want reduced, preserved or expanded?

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Education BS from KSU May 1971 Series 6 and 7 Securities License
I am retired and have the time to serve and look at this as a way to "give back" to the community we have lived in for 50 years. I believe this position is intended to govern and not micro manage the City staff. My 48 years of work experience in all areas of business management, personnel issues and detailed financial situations plus a big dose of common sense should be valuable in this role. I am persistent by nature and like to see projects/tasks completed in a timely manner. I will be respectful of those in charge of the various projects, but will hold them accountable for timely, successful completion.

Once again. common sense should play a significant role in any decision made. The other important response is to be flexible as we don't have any idea how long this situation will continue or what variables will show up? We need to allow everyone the freedom, within reason, to handle their own situation in the best way they see fit.
Quality of life encompasses many areas. The ones that I think are important and present in Salina are: safe environment, great schools, clean surroundings, progressive attitudes by local business and their leaders, stable economy, nice mixture and quality of arts and leisure events and venues to draw visitors. I'm probably missing something, but these are the ones that I think are important. I'm not one who likes to "fix things that aren't broken". I think if we can preserve what we have and make gradual improvements to all areas mentioned and afford any improvements would be a realistic goal.
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Education Bachelor of Science
Politics has never been a goal of mine; however, the current direction of politics in general is quite disappointing. After discussion with my family and seeing the need for strong leadership in our community, I decided to pursue a position on the Salina City Commission. My goal is to interject traditional, Biblical values into the decisions that this body will encounter as we lead Salina forward.
This is one of the areas where I disagreed with the current Commission’s direction over the last year and a half. I strongly hold to the idea that each individual has the right and duty to make their own health decisions. I believe the role of this body should be to receive health information from trusted professionals and make RECOMMENDATIONS (not mandates) for the public. This body should not restrict nor place health mandates on private businesses.
In this context, my perception of “quality of life” is a reference to a decent lifestyle. This would encompass competent schools, engaging entertainment, affordable housing, earning a decent wage, and a safe place to raise a family. All of these issues are important to employers and for relocating families as well. Housing and crime rates need immediate attention. Correction of these areas will lead to better “quality of life” in the other areas.
Campaign Address 914 Oak Lane, Salina, Kansas
Campaign Phone (785) 493-5350
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Education Graduate of Marymount College
Yes, after serving on the City Commission for four years, I truly do understand the amount of time and dedication it takes to serve. My motivation this time is much like the first time. I hope to continue to move Salina forward in a positive way. Several companies have announced major expansions for their Salina plants. With this will come the following challenges: 1. Bringing in a qualified work force. 2. Developing various types of housing to meet our upcoming needs. 3. Work with other entities and businesses to help with the shortage of child care. I believe my experience will help in resolving these challenges.
Our ability to deal with such issues may be somewhat limited if the proposed ordinance is passed and the courts rule in the petitioner's favor. I do not have a contingency plan at this time. The information we continue to receive seems to change regularly. We will need to analyze all information and make decisions that will best protect our citizens.
To me quality of life means 1. A clean safe place to live and work 2. Good schools 3. Quality parks and facilities for youth activities 4. A wide variety of arts and culture opportunities 5. Quality housing

I believe that Salina is on the right path. My goal would be to continue to use our resources wisely to meet the above mentioned items, along with new projects that may be brought to the Commission.
Campaign Address 2014 Lewis
Campaign Phone (785) 822-4133
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Education Some College
I would like to give back to the City of Salina, I feel like now is the time for me to be able to help. I want to see Salina continue to grow, fill available jobs and bring more affordable housing. I do understand what the office entails. I have communicated with former commissioners, and I feel I am up for the job.
I would work towards a goal of having no restrictions on people or businesses. I would hope people could still get back to work safely and fill all of the jobs that are available to our community.
Quality of life is being able to do things with my family. Having a safe place to live, nice parks to visit, and fun things to do. I would want to reduce taxes if at all possible, I would preserve our parks, and expand activities for kids and families. Make Salina a more attractive place to come and live.
Campaign Phone (785) 342-6049
Education Washburn University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Johnson Country Regional Police Academy graduate {Kansas City area Law Enforcement training center)
As a second-generation Salina native, I had the privilege of growing up here, have raised two children here, and have been a public servant here; as a Law Enforcement Officer and as a current member of the Salina Planning Commission. I have also managed and helped grow our local family investment real estate business for over the last 21 years. It's been my experience that Salina has proven to be a safe community that is perfect for settling down and raising a family in. Therefore, I feel the need to do my part to be a conservator of this community and help maintain and improve upon that standard. I'm currently in my 6th year on the Salina Planning Commission and served as the Chairperson for two years. Over that time I've voted on many adjudicative/quasi-judicial and legislative issues. As a result, I've become familiar with many of the workings of our municipal government. Yes, I feel that I have an excellent grasp of what the job will entail.
My plan is to consult with local and state experts on the issue. If feasible, I would recommend actions consistent with the recommendations of Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Saline County Health Department. I would like to avoid any further shutdowns, mandates or moratoriums.
Quality of life can refer to many facets of living in my opinion. In basic regards to a city, I feel that it first refers to safety, quality and consistency of the infrastructure. For example, safe and effective schools, emergency services that are responsive and professional, a crime rate that is low, utility services that are reliable and roads that are properly maintained, etc. I feel this is the foundation to build up from. Once those basics are covered, it then refers to recreational and entertainment options for the community. For instance, quality public parks, dining options, entertainment options and venues, local art scene, etc.

I feel that our recently revitalized downtown along with our vibrant art community are two major quality of life components that our city can be very proud of. I would like to see them maintained and fostered.
Campaign Address 2212 Huntington Rd.
Campaign Phone (785) 493-4920
Education Salina South, Salina Tech.
To see the City take care of what we have and actually produce population growth to support our tax base while improving the quality of life here in Salina. -Improve and develop the entry corridors coming into Salina from the Interstates. -Provide representation for the entire city. -Approving new developments in relation to housing is critical for growth to happen. -Hearing and acting on concerns of the citizens of Salina. -The duties of a commissioner are to review and approve or disapprove all facets of operating the city and address issues as they are brought before the commission.
Covid will likely continue to evolve. We have the information and data from the past year and a half to guide plans and reactions. I would listen to the guidance and direction of the Saline County Health Department and the Saline County Emergency Manager. I believe any decisions on mandates and closures should lie with the Saline County Commission and the above mentioned departments.
A mainstay of quality of life is to have a low crime rate where citizens can feel safe while living in a clean environment. Career opportunities with growing companies and industries where opportunity for advancement exist are essential. Quality healthcare and education along with recreational and entertainment activities for families.

Reduce: Crime as well as the division of our citizens

Preserve: Our parks and the nice additions we have made recently, such as downtown, our recreation facilities, the beautification and arts amenities.

Expand: Housing options as well as friendliness and kindness that the people of Salina are known for.
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