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Edgerton Alderperson District 2

What does city council do?Council members—also known as a town council or board of aldermen—are tasked with representing the interests of their constituents. In addition to proposing, passing, and ratifying laws and ordinances, city councils manage budgets and investigate city agencies when necessary.

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    Candy Davis

  • Matt McIntyre

Biographical Information

What educational, occupational, civic, and community experience do you have that qualified you for this office?

If elected what are the first three things you would like to see the city accomplish?

How would you involve the community residents in your decision making?

What are you priorities for COVID-19 Relief Funding?

Campaign Phone (608) 852-3542
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Campaign Phone Number 608-852-3542
Education Stoughton High School (1973) Blackhawk Technical College (2014)
My tenure (10 years) as Alderperson for the City of Edgerton will be very beneficial for continued service to the citizens of Edgerton. I bring knowledge and solid relationships with department heads and how their departments work on behalf of the City. I bring proven dependability and have been appointed by our Mayor to sit on the following Committees: Finance (Chair), Council President, Redevelopment Authority, Utilities, Parks (Chair), Personnel (Chair), Planning, and Fire District Board (Secretary/Treasurer).
Street/road conditions are a pressing issue facing the City of Edgerton. It is very difficult to keep the streets in good repair while remaining within budget, but last year we made this a priority and made good headway. I will continue to support this as a priority.

Continued growth in our community is important. I have and will continue to work closely with the Planning Commission and the City’s Comprehensive Plan to continue to achieve growth in our community. In addition to new growth, supporting the current businesses we have in town is important. I work hard at helping to ensure they have what they need to maintain and grow.

Ensuring the City Departments and personnel (Police, DPW, Utilities, etc.) get the equipment and projects they need while ensuring a balanced budget.
Involving community residents is very important in decision making – I reach out as much as possible to my constituents, and I make myself available. I always respond to calls and emails when I get them – everyone’s voice needs to be heard and is a great part of my decision when voting on issues.
COVD-19 Relief Funding is critical and continued use for it should be to help small businesses, reimburse public sectors that have needed to spend extra dollars to keep the community safe (Police, EMS, Fire, etc.), and to ensure vaccinations are administered to those who want it.
Campaign Phone (608) 921-5724
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone Number 608 921 5724
Education Graduate of edgerton sr. High. Attended u.w. rock county and u.w. whitewater
Been involved in many of edgerton programs over the years and was former mayor and alderperson. I have been involved for close to 25 years on the edgerton council doung great things such as helping start up the northside buisness park with good paying jobs for many people and excellent tax base for our city. Helped create all of our current t.i.f. economic districts that helped create tins of new business and job growth growth around our city. Kept our parks and roads in as good condition as possible. And always worked as mayor and alderperson to keep our city safe
More buisness growth. Well balanced residential new home growth and to always keep working hard as heck to bring in good paying home town town jobs town . And to always keep the citizens updated as to what we are always working on for the city
By having neighborhood meetings and every 3 months public presentations to show the citizens whats going on with the council actions.
To allocate all funds and money towards helping our city so people can ne as safe as possible to live and do buisness, shop and to enjoy all all things to do in our city. Making city council meetings easy to watch on their televisions. And to provide funds for economic development and road resurfacing as possible.