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Omaha City Council, District 6

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    Brinker Harding

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    Naomi Hattaway

Biographical Information

What examples of police reform do you support?

In what specific ways will you increase the safety and availability of affordable housing in your community?

Is the new ORBT bus system working as well as expected? If not, what improvements need to be made?

Current Public Office, dates held Omaha City Council- District 6
Education University of Kansas University of Nebraska- Omaha
Volunteer experience -Omaha Planning Board- Past Chairman -Nebraska State Athletic Association Official -JDRF- Past Board Member & Gala Chair -Midwest Swimming Board of Directors -Destination Marketing Corporation Board of Directors -Civilian Pension Board of Directors
The men and women of the Omaha Police Department are the frontline to providing public safety for our community. I support additional training, equipment and other resources so that they may perform their duties in a professional manner, and protect and serve all in our community.
Studies indicate Omaha has a shortfall of approximately 80,000 affordable housing units. Some advocate that developers be required to include a small percentage of TIF proceeds on residential projects. This would accomplish little in making a dent in the housing issue: it would only apply, generally, to the eastern half of our city; and the number of units it would bring to market would be minimal. A more successful approach would include developing new incentives to spur development citywide.
Public transportation is an essential element as it relates to employment. We must provide the ability to move employees to and from areas of employment. ORBT is the first step to building a broader, more user friendly system to move people to jobs and commerce. It will be the "spine" off of which other routes will tie into in order better serve the metropolitan area.

ORBT will also positively impact development and housing opportunities through Transit Oriented Development code amendments.
Volunteer experience Women’s Fund of Omaha leadership, POC Collaborative Board, RISE Board, Ripple Effect Images Advisory Committee, Room to Read Gala Chair. Volunteerism: numerous PTA President roles, RISE Builder program, Habitat for Humanity.
Continued diversification of recruit classes, including support of anti-bias and anti-racism training.

Expansion of mental health responders along, or in place of law enforcement when appropriate (Wichita’s HOT or Denver’s STAR as examples).

Mental health resources for victims/families, suffering from impact/trauma of violence in all forms, as well as police personnel affected by violence in the course of duty.

Focus on safe neighborhoods for all, and reduced harm inflicted by officers.
Partner with landlord liaison efforts (education/resources for necessary repairs of current housing stock, ensuring safe/secure housing).

Maximize incentives for home winterization, increase aging in place modifications for our elders.

Champion infill work by small developers.

Encourage economic support of small businesses, to holistically grow community health.

Inject equity into housing policy: define “affordable housing”, code enforcement education, and encourage estate planning.
The launch was managed quite well, considering pandemic concerns and weather! I appreciated driver training for wheelchair/mobility aid users being a priority, as well as the how-to videos showing diverse riders.

Improvements are needed concerning funding partnerships, West Omaha expansion, and accessibility to/from all ORBT stops, including mindfulness of all community members needing access. This includes snow removal and maintenance of the pathways and sidewalks surrounding the ORBT stops.