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Omaha City Council, District 4

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  • Becky Barrientos-Patlan

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    Vinny Palermo

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What examples of police reform do you support?

In what specific ways will you increase the safety and availability of affordable housing in your community?

Is the new ORBT bus system working as well as expected? If not, what improvements need to be made?

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Current Public Office, dates held Omaha City Council District 4, 2017-2021
Past Public Office, dates held OPS School Board, 2016
Education Attended University of Nebraska - Omaha
Military experience United States Navy Veteran, 1991-1995
Volunteer experience Athletic Coach for P.A.C.E. to assist and prevent "at-risk" and disadvantaged inner-city children from becoming involved in street gangs, crime, drug use and victimization.
I support community policing and think it’s critical to have officers who live in the areas they are patrolling so that they are seen as part of the community. It is also important to increase diversity among the force so the officers look like and have a shared experience of those in the community they are policing. I also support looking at contractual changes to make sure officers are well trained and have standard operating procedures that reduce the chances for excessive use of force. I also support increasing mental health resources and social services which have been shown to reduce the need for use of force by police officers.
Currently, District 4 has the most affordable housing being built in the City of Omaha. I have worked to meet with developers, nonprofits and organizations to work together to find available ground and it is currently now in the process of moving forward. I will continue to advocate for the areas that can be built; working with groups and nonprofits to build affordable housing. Safety is also a priority; we passed the rental registry and additional housing inspectors were added to the budget.
Yes, we have made great strides to connect more people in our community to employment, education and activities with this efficient and safe transit option. I believe we can always advocate for increasing ridership and promote all forms of transportation. By prioritizing affordable public transportation, we can expand opportunities along the corridor and turn ORBT into transportation people want to use, more than they need to use.