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Should the Board of Selectman, with the understanding that since 1977 Indigenous people of our country have requested Indigenous Peoples Day as a recognition of their humanity, culture and history and further, that our country was built on Native lands, proclaim the second Monday of October henceforth be commemorated as Indigenous Peoples' Day and cease to recognize Columbus Day in Wellesley in recognition of the position of Indigenous Peoples as native to these lands, and the suffering they faced during and after the European conquest? This question is non-binding.

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What we choose to celebrate signifies our values. Indigenous Peoples Day honors all people by embracing the truth of our shared history and centering Indigenous voices. Our town has the opportunity to join the 14 states and over 130 towns who celebrate the wisdom and resilience of Indigenous Peoples. We cannot celebrate Columbus; he represents an ideology that justifies racism, enslavement, exploitation and genocide. Indigenous Peoples Day is anti-racist, not anti-Italian. Voting YES reflects our commitment to calling out racism and correcting distorted historical narratives that permeate American culture and institutions. We all benefit from celebrating a holiday that promotes truth, fights racism, and recognizes the ongoing presence of Indigenous Peoples. Learn more at
This question is divisive to our community and does not promote diversity. It elevates one ethnic group while marginalizing another, and is hurtful to ALL immigrants who view the day as a celebration of their acceptance after decades of experiencing racism, prejudice and violence. Indigenous People already have a day of celebration. In 2009, President Obama signed legislation designating the Friday after Thanksgiving as Native American Heritage Day. Replacing Columbus Day will create animosity and division, and hurt a large segment of our community. It also affirms an environment where compromise is not an option. Honor all cultures and support a two day solution that celebrates Native Americans in November. Let's choose to unite our town and treat each other with respect.