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Lisle Township Clerk

Vote for 1By law, Illinois Townships are charged with three basic functions:1. General Assistance for those in need;2. The assessment of real property for the basis of local taxation;3. Maintenance of all roads and bridges outside federal, state and other local jurisdictions.Aligned with those services established by state law, Lisle Township provides vital services to those in need, such as:* Ride DuPage, a transportation program for Seniors and the disabled;* Job Club and Counseling, to support residents seeking employment;* A Food Pantry, to help feed those who are hungry;* Triad, a program with the City of Naperville and Naperville Township to assist senior/disabled citizens with special needs;* “LIHEAP” applications, a DuPage County program offering financial help with electric/gas bills;More information: Lisle Township

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    Debbie Pawlowicz

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    Claire Goldenberg

Biographical Information

Please describe the educational background, work experience, and other skills which uniquely qualify you for this position.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the Clerk’s office right now and how would you propose to address them?

What opportunities would you propose to reduce costs in the Clerk’s office while maintaining or improving needed services for the community?

What programs and policies would you propose, if any, to increase the transparency and accountability of the Clerk’s office?

I am a successful REALTOR® and owner/principal broker of -DPG- Real Estate on Main Street in Lisle. I have a long history of being involved, giving back, and helping effect constructive change in the community and the Real Estate Industry.

I am an active advocate for home ownership and private property rights at local, state, and federal levels working with and holding our elected officials accountable.

I currently serve as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS ®, a professional association with over 18,000 members. I also serve as:

Lisle Economic Development Commission Member; Lisle Education Foundation Board Member; Lisle Chamber of Commerce Committee Chair; Lisle Ladies Lions Club President; A long standing Precinct Committeeman; Lisle Township Food Pantry Garden Volunteer; Co-Chair of the Bridge Communities Event Committee

I bring the knowledge, experience and compassion needed to efficiently guide the use of local tax dollars for necessary services, while adapting to the evolving needs of the community. It would be my honor to share my time and talents as the Lisle Township Clerk.
All duties of the Township Clerk needs to be completed efficiently and by regulation. It will be my responsibility to record all meeting minutes by-laws, rules, and regulations. I will also have custody of all records, books, and papers of the township and am responsible for filing certificates or oaths and other papers required by law. I will diligently carry out these duties.
As the Township Clerk is charged with the record taking, retention and filings, I will focus on performing my functions efficiently, expediently, and lawfully. I will also continue to be an advocate for our current Township services and will thoughtfully help facilitate any needed growth.
It is imperative that Lisle Township remains as transparent as possible. Having all agendas, minutes, and checkbook online as well as having bills available as part of the monthly meetings gives all stakeholders clear visibility. Public Comment adds an extra opportunity for questions and concerns. Having said that, the Lisle Township website is currently being revamped to increase the ease of use. I will be steadfast that the Township continues to provide this avenue for timely, easy access to documents.
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I received my US Customs Brokers License from the U.S. Treasury Department back in 1991. This license allows me to conduct business on behalf of importers directly with the US Government. This experience gives me insight into how to deal with the many layers of government and with the general public. Most of my career has been concentrated in sales. Addressing issues and rectifying problems have prepared me to work with the public and help them navigate the complexities of the system. Being a business owner for the last decade, and maintaining my family's finances for the last 40 years, has given me the tools needed to run the Clerk's office and to ensure the records are maintained according to all regulations
After speaking with many people in the Township and realizing that most of them are completely unaware of the services that are available from the Township, I believe the most important job the Clerk faces is outreach. We must find more effective ways to communicate to our community that we exist for their benefit. The services we have to offer can benefit the entire community.
This is difficult question to answer before being in office. My goals are to bolster services without increasing costs by thinking outside the box. If this last year has taught me anything it has certainly taught me to be inventive!! It Takes A Township believes we will be able to partner with other like-minded organizations to enhance our offerings thereby not requiring any increase in budgeting. We will continue to look at ways we could work with other townships to increase and enhance what we can provide to our community. As Clerk it I would coordinate the inner workings of these inter-community programs to be sure all the information is properly shared and disseminated.
We plan on making much more information available on the website. Currently you can't even get up to date biographies on the all the current elected or appointed officials in our township. It Takes A Township is committed to full transparency in all we do. We will be looking for more community involvement and buy in from them to ensure we are meeting all the needs of our neighbors. As Clerk my job is keep the minutes of meetings, post the agendas and meeting dates within the prescribed time frames and file all the correct paperwork with all the proper agencies timely. If there are ways to do this electronically instead of using more costly methods I will implement, but not at a cost of limiting notification to the public, as that is a Clerk's number one priority. I plan to provide more detailed explanations about the documents that are available on the site currently and put more documents on the site with explanations so that they will be user friendly. Additionally rather than just posting the budget which is a lot of numbers that rarely have meaning to the general public include a synopsis of how the new budget differs from last years budget or highlight new expenditures so that it has more meaning to the public.