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Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is both an elected official and a town employee, receiving a salary. The Town Clerk is the custodian of all official Town documents such as the Town Seal, Town Charter, and Bylaws. The Town Clerk maintains copies of committee report, Annual Town Reports, zoning decisions, and Town Meeting proceedings, including votes and attendance. The Town clerk:Keeps records of all appointments and resignations of Town officials and committee membersKeeps vital records and issues certificates of births, marriages, and deathsIssues marriage and dog licenses, business certificates, and raffle and bazaar permitsPerforms the duties of Justice of the Peace and Notary PublicAdministers all elections in TownMaintains records of general elections and primariesMaintains list of registered votersU.S. Passport Application Reception AgentAccepts postings for all committee meetings and maintains meeting calendar.This position is elected for a term of 3 years.

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    KC Kato

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Candidate for Re-Election
Relevant Experience Town Clerk. School Committee. Town Meeting Member. Business and Non-Profit Leadership experience.
I want to serve the Town.

My experience as the Town Clerk and business experience in project management and strategic planning positioned me to adapt to the rapidly changing Elections legislation. We implemented a plan that ensured every voter had an opportunity to vote safely, every vote counted and our election workers were safe.

We had record voter turn-out in several elections. We pivoted to supporting Virtual Town Meetings. And we supported many other administrative functions. This was a team effort of the Town Clerk staff, the many elections workers and myself.

My top priority is adapting elections operations to comply with new legislation and to improve voter accessibility. I also plan to improve the use of technology in the office and enhance customer service to the community.